About VC Melyd

About Us

VC Melyd are a diverse friendly club who welcome new riders of all ages. On Saturday, we have a social ride leaving from the Nature Reserve in Rhuddlan at 9.30am and on Sunday we offer a club rides starting at 9.30am starting from Saints with a distance ranging from 40 to 60 miles with a cafe stop.

Key Roles

  • Chairman – Alan Overson
  • Vice Chairman (Road) – Greg Powell
  • Treasurer – Dave Bell
  • Membership Secretary – Victoria Cotgreave
  • Child Welfare Officer – Chris Winn
  • Off Road Sec – Justin Lewis
  • Kit Secretary – Liz Williams
  • Go Ride – Andy Cartilage
  • Race Secretary – Bevan Humphreys
  • Womens Dev Sec – TBA
  • Club Secretary – Jeff Scott