Festive? Cheers!

Festive? Cheers!

The season of goodwill, vacation, family, and cycling escape is upon us!

Here are a few rides you may be interested in checking your availability for – now long standing traditions:

Last Tuesday of the Year

Tuesday 20th December1830hrs Saints, Meliden. A low key, and well attended event – even for those who do not usually manage to make the Tuesday night rides – curiously 😉 Starting off at the usual time of 1830hrs, and heading out for a short hour and a half’s ride before stopping at the Plough or Swan in St. Asaph. Come join us for the ride, or the social afterwards.

Mince Pie Bimble

Saturday, Christmas Eve, 24th December1000hrs Rhuddlan Nature Reserve. This is a charity event that will cost you £5 which will go to St. Kentigern Hospice. Traditionally this will involve a ride of two groups – bimble and those surprised at how fast a bimble can be! Both groups head around in a loop and back to Trefnant for tea, coffee, mulled wine and mince pies. Nom nom nom.

Turkey Ride

Wednesday 28th December1300hrs at Saints, Meliden, or 1330hrs at Waen Gate. The ride will head down the Waen, and return to the New Inn Dyserth for around 1600hrs. After warming back up, home to get changed and regroup at Chili Pink, Rhyl at 2000hrs for more festivities. Members are welcome to come and join in for any part or all of the day.

Brass Monkey

Sunday 1st January 2017The Brass Monkey Time Trial – is a prestigious low key event for the highly coveted trophy. More realistically – its a jolly around the 9 mile circuit not taking yourself too seriously in fancy dress after a week of excess. Come join in… slowest times of the year… membership required however hangover optional. See the VC Melyd & Rhyl CC Time trial  FB page for answers to further questions.




“The Lon Las Loonies would like to invite you to our annual charity Santa ride on the 27th December in aid of Luke Davies.  The ride is a gentle 15 miles leaving from Archies Bar in Prestatyn at 11am.  All monies raised will go directly to Luke.  The price is £10 per rider.  Can you please let me know if any of your riders would like to join in.  We all dress in Santa suits”

— Anne (Secretary, Lon Las Loonies)

Introducing new committee members

Introducing new committee members

As we move rapidly towards a new year, new goals, new plans – ladies and gentelmen, I give you the very tools of productivity… our new committee members.

Alex Clewett – Social Secretary:

Looking forward to planning lots of social shenanigans both bike based and not so bike based. Weekends away (Yorkshire has been mentioned), away days and family days (rounders, BBQs, jumpers for goalposts, etc). Any other suggestions more than welcome so please get in touch.

Peter Lessiter – Go Ride! Secretary:

My role for the go ride is to carry on coaching under 12s on a Thursday and to start doing a Saturday morning ride with the young kids as we did very successfully four years or so ago, I intend to start this on the 7th Jan 2017 parents will also be encouraged to join in too. I will also be in close contact with welsh cycling to discuss ideas and there plans on moving forward….

Sally Cunliffe – Membership Secretary:

Being Social Secretary of VCM for the last year has given me good experience for being Membership Secretary. As Social Secretary I was involved in chasing people, amongst many other duties. Chasing people for money – for weekends away; for events; for food choices for important meals out, etc. etc. When January 2nd 2017 arrives I will be chasing people to renew their membership of the club for the year (if that is what they wish to do). Prospective new members are sent details of the club and a membership form. However, the main event for us all will be cycling our way through the year!

North Wales Road Race 2017 Announced.

North Wales Road Race 2017 Announced.

After the huge success and positive feedback from last years VC Melyd North Wales Road Race Series – we are proud to announce that this will be returning for 2017 with cooperation from Ynys Mon Race Team.

The following release was made last week by our Road Race Secretary Simon Parkinson.

Please see below dates for next year’s races in North Wales that VC Melyd will be hosting in 2017. We have teamed up with Ynys Mon Race Team to put on a 2 day weekend of racing in June. Ynys Mon Race Team put on a fantastic race last year on the Llangefni Circuit, Anglesey.

North Wales Road Race

9th April – North Wales Road Race – Denbigh (Category 2/3/4)

North Wales King of the Mountain Series (Category 2/3/4)

7th May – Round 1 – Llyn Brenig
10/11th June – Round 2 – Trawsfynydd/Llangefni
16th July – Round 3 – Ruthin

VC Melyd anticipate our expenditure to be less next season due to the fact we purchased lots of equipment last season. Therefore we have reduced the entry fee per race day to £25 for 2017 and we’ll also be distributing prize money at each race. Prize money will also be awarded for the winner of the King of the Mountain Series. Entries open January 2017.

— Simon Parkinson (Road Race Secretary)

The following Strava routes for the courses were released a few days later on Saturday the 17th December 2016 over on the NWRR Facebook Group.

Round 1– Ruthin (KoM Series) – https://www.strava.com/routes/865407

Round 2 – Denbigh (cat 2/3/4) – https://www.strava.com/routes/865441

Round 3 – Saturday – Trawsfynydd (KoM Series) – https://www.strava.com/routes/2151684

Round 3 – Sunday – Llangefni (KoM Series) – https://www.strava.com/segments/2966069

Round 4 – Llyn Brenig (KoM Series) – https://www.strava.com/routes/865385

Round 5 – Denbigh (cat 2/3/4) – https://www.strava.com/routes/865441

VC Melyd to host 2017 Welsh Road Race Championships

VC Melyd to host 2017 Welsh Road Race Championships

The following great news was released on Facebook on Saturday the 17th December…

I’m pleased to announce that in 2017 on behalf of VC Melyd and Welsh Cycling, I will be hosting:-

2017 Welsh Road Race Championships

This will be held in North Wales on the Llyn Brenig Circuit on the 20th August 2017.

— Simon Parkinson (road race secretary)

More information to follow – however in the interim – this is great news for cycling, the area, and the club.

The course takes in a loop around Llyn Brenig and can be found here (http://doarama.com/view/1066325).

Spread the word.

2016 AGM Minutes

2016 AGM Minutes

Following this years AGM last Wednesday 23rd November 2016 – the minutes and overview have been circulated out to members using the BC management portal.

At the end of the evening the committee stood as:

Club Chairman – Steve Sharp

Club Secretary – Mark Allen

Treasurer – Nick Rowlands

Club Welfare Officer – Sarah Overson

Women’s Development Secretary – Julie Allen

TT Secretary – Andy Malcolm

MTB Secretary – Justin Lewis

Social Secretary – Alex Clewett

Kit Secretary – Mandy Rowlands

Race Secretary – Simon Parkinson

Membership Secretary – Sally Cunliffe

Go Ride Representative – Pete Lessiter

Junior Secretary – [ NONE ]

Eleven Committee members and ten others were in attendance. The evening took the form of a short presentation, review of finances, and the discussion points for the evening.



Membership is now at 164 members – a 6% growth over last year;

Female Membership is up to 66 now – a growth of 29% over last years figures;

Under 18’s up to 54 – a growth of 38% since last year.


Coaches are down by two since last year, however VC Melyd have 1 Level 3 British Cycling coach, and 5 Level 2 Coaches;

VC Melyd have delivered over 2000 years of coaching were delivered at Marsh Tracks – 10% up on last year;

VC Melyd have delivered six Go Ride Race events were delivered – four more than last year.


Maintained Go Ride, and Club Mark accreditations;

Welsh Cycling Club of the Year – nomination – and runner up again;

Welsh Cycling Volunteer of the Year – nomination – and runner up again.

AGM Notes and Actions

Present at Meeting

Mandy Rowlands

Gwen Brockley

Simon Parkinson

Julie Allen

Chris Winn

Kevin Hornsby

Nick Rowlands

Paul Rutt

Mark Allen

Alan Overson

Pete Lessiter

Greg Powell

Sarah Overson

Alex Clewett

Carol Powell

Sue Seller

David Owen Booth

Steve Sharp

Kath Sparrow

Sally Cunliffe

Richard Addison

2016 Overview

  • Recognised good growth in the again during 2016 – with especially strong growth in under 18’s and female membership. Special thanks to Pete & Julie for leading the regular coaching session that have supported this growth

  • Question on membership split by age – total club membership is 164 – female splits as 39 over 18 and 27 under 18 and male splits as 71 over 18 and 27 under 18.

Financial Summary

  • Recognised good stable position of the club

  • Discussion on giveaway of kids kit – agree to continue, but look to fund raising from parents to support – action for coffee mornings – Pete to lead conversation with parents at coaching sessions

Committee Membership

  • Steve Sharp’s nomination accepted as Chairman

  • Sally Cunliffe’s nomination accepted as Membership Secretary

  • Pete Lessiter’s nomination accepted as Go Ride Representative

  • Alex Clewett was nominated and accepted on the night to fill the position of Social Secretary

  • All other positions remain unchanged

Discussion around how to attract an under 18 member onto the committee to fill the Junior Secretary position – Chris Winn and Alex Clewett to address via the young ambassador program.

Club Specifics

  • Club volunteers

    • Agreed that those that have and continue to volunteer are a credit to the club and facilitate the events we host, but, we cannot take them for granted

    • Agreed that those asked say that volunteering give them a ‘buzz’

    • But, we need to help in explaining the role of a volunteer – action to write simple descriptions of the roles and capture some testimonials from those that have volunteered – host on FB & website

    • We also need to ensure we recognise those that do volunteer – discussion around offering FoC kit, ride alone in race convey cars etc. – actions to be agreed at first committee meeting in 2017

  • Coaching

    • Very similar to above – pool of volunteer coaches who need a little more help to spread the load, but we haven’t publicised what a coach is, how to access training and specifically what help we need

    • Agreed that the parent group should be approach to look for the next batch of formal coaches, plus helpers with task like bike allocation etc. – Thursday coaches to kick off conversations and specific to be agreed at first committee meeting in 2017

  • Ride plans

    • Agreed that we’ll keep going with the rota system (can those that do ride regularly please do help).

    • We will stick with one planned route until the 26th March (when the clocks change) – then go back to two routes.

    • During the winter we should try and maintain a cohesive group on the road.

    • Those wanting a faster winter ride will have the option of rendezvousing at the café – Alan is likely to lead these rides.

    • For those selecting which ride to do, they should be respectful of the estimated average speed and pick routes that are achievable – this should avoid frustration on all sides – some updates will be suggested for the website.

    • Route planners should also plan sensibly.

    • We also asked that route planners do actually ride on the day – if they are not available – they should swap with someone who is going to be there.


  • Winter training camp – target w/c 11th March – Alan to arrange FB posting to capture likely numbers (£500 based on two sharing a room, £575 single occupancy – plus fligts).

  • Discussed providing more content for the web site – some of the above will lead to some update, but more news articles etc. are requested.

  • Social rides / quiz nights etc. with other clubs discussed – Alex & Steve to plan.

  • Mince pie bimble – 24th December – 10am from the Nature Reserve – then back to #13 for mince pies etc – collection this year in aid of St. Kentigerns.

  • Turkey ride – 28th December – Steve to confirm details.

Steve closed the meeting, thanked all those for attending


Words from our new Chairman

Words from our new Chairman

After initial suspicions that club rides would require cottered cranks, and acceptable cycle computers, were to be the type with the numbered dials that go on your fork leg down by the hub… our Glorious Leader has stepped forward to address these wild and outlandish claims and set out a route map for the year ahead under his expert supervision.

These very words were hand cherished by His Excellence earlier today:

I felt it appropriate to post my thoughts following becoming Chairman of VC Melyd, I have been an active member of the club for over ten years after a protracted history of riding bikes. Since joining the club I have met and continue to meet some very good folk who dedicate plenty of their own time to promote our sport and club in a positive fashion. The diversity within the club has greatly increased over the last few years and the governance has improved in tandem with this. Our membership numbers are healthy and we are able to facilitate ongoing coaching sessions and to host race series earlier in the year. I hope we can continue to develop as a club and being an active member will become the norm. Within my tenure I hope to galvanise the club with the support of a good team, the committee works hard to address and support the club and in my view if we can please most members most of the time that’s a good job. I hope to be a member of a club that essentially ride bikes and has fun but who also pull together when necessary to support events. As many of you know IT is not my bag and typing is an arduous task for me. To summarise I feel honoured and privileged to be Chairman of VC Melyd, I hope to cultivate a sense of positivity, honesty and closer links with other clubs locally. Here’s  to the year ahead, best wishes to you and yours.

–Steve Sharp, El Presidente

In other exciting cabinet reshuffles the following changes have been made to the committee:

Welfare – With Our Glorious Leader stepping down and mounting his throne – Sarah Overson will be increasing her roll as welfare officer;

Social – Sally Cunliffe is stepping down after a fabulous year at the head of the VC Melyd social machine, to be replaced by Alex Clewett, ‘in-a-club-style’;

Membership –  Now keeping her finger on the pulse of who has and not paid as well as keeping our collective paperwork pristine – Sally Cunliffe.

Go Ride – Pete Lessiter is stepping up as our representative for the little people.

I think it is fair to say that we are all very grateful for their continued service… and here is to a 2017 of happiness and productivity for the collective.

The Awards 2016

The Awards 2016

A huge congratulations to this year’s award winners.

The culmination of a year’s worth of riding and a fantastic social evening saw the following people take receipt of our … quite frankly ASTOUNDING awards … hand fettled by the artisan and renown local sculptor – Mr Alan Overson.

(Many thanks to Aries Janssens for the pictures)

The lucky people to be involved with such legendary trophies as these this year were as follows:

Half Wheel AwardFor competitive natureSue Nash

Stunt WomanFor best no-hands-dismountMandy Rowlands

Racer of the YearFor performance with a number on their backJack Nash

Most ImprovedRecognition of efforts and determinationGwenn Bro

Clubman of the YearFor efforts for the clubSimon Parkinson

Mechanic of the YearFor mechanical geniusGreg Powell

Time Trial League & Women’s Age Group Record Champion – for a variety of being fast reasons – Sally Cunliffe

Certificates for achievement in the Time Trial field were issues to the following club champions for 2016:

5 Mile Lady Senior – Laura Ellis

9 Mile Lady Senior – Laura Ellis

9 Mile Veteran A – David Griffiths

9 Mile Lady Veteran C – Sally Cunliffe

10 Mile Veteran A – David Griffiths

10 Mile Lady Veteran C – Sally Cunliffe

18 Mile Veteran A – Anthony Hogbin

18 Mile Lady Veteran C – Sally Cunliffe

27 Mile Lady Veteran C – Sally Cunliffe

37 Mile Mountain TT  Lady Veteran C – Sally Cunliffe

Rhuallt Hill Climb – Veteran A – Terry Glyn

Rhuallt Hill Climb – Lady Veteran C – Sally Cunliffe

Hearty congratulations to everyone who took part in this year of riding and contributed in any way, no matter how small to the running of our fantastic and award winning club. Thank you.

Now… on with the festivities!

2016 TT Season Awards & Champions

2016 TT Season Awards & Champions

The ratified and validated standings for the 2016 series Champions has been released. Ladies and Gentlemen – I present – our champions!

The below results show the events, and the VCM and second sign riders who have represented us (in bold) and achieved.

The certificates and awards will be going out to this years happy recipients either at the RCC ride and dinner, or the VCM Annual Awards and party respectfully.

A well done to the VCM Champions – Laura Ellis, David Griffiths, Anthony Hogbin, Terry Glynn, and Sally Cunliffe. A particular well done to Sally Cunliffe and Laura Ellis for setting 9 and 2 age records respectively. Chapeau!


5 Mile TT

Senior Mike Lewis
Lady Senior Laura Ellis
Veteran A Richard Ashcroft
Veteran B Graham Stephenson

9 Mile TT

Youth B
Youth A Tom Davies
Junior Morgan Hughes
Senior Mike Lewis
Lady Senior Laura Ellis
Veteran A David Griffiths
Veteran B Gragan Stephenson
Lady Veteran C Sally Cunliffe

10 Mile TT

Youth A Tom Davies
Senior Mike Lewis
Veteran A David Grifiths
Veteran B Nic Wright
Lady Veteran C Sally Cunliffe
Veteran D Sparrow Harrison

18 Mile TT

Youth A Tom Davies
Senior Mike Lewis
Veteran A Anthony Hogbin
Veteran B Nic Wright
Veteran C Peter Hughes
Lady Veteran C Sally Cunliffe
Veteran D Sparrow Harrison

25 Mile TT

Senior Ashley Roberts
Veteran B Graham Stephenson
Veteran C Peter Hughes

27 Mile TT

Senior Mike Lewis
Veteran A Richard Ashcroft
Veteran B Nic Wright
Lady Veteran C Sally Cunliffe

37 Mile Mountain TT

Youth B Edward Woodhead
Youth A Tom Davies
Senior Mike Lewis
Veteran B Nic Wright
Lady Veteran C Sally Cunliffe

Rhaullt Hill HC

Youth B Edward Woodhead
Youth A Tom Davies
Senior Mike Lewis
Veteran A Terry Glynn
Veteran B Graham Stephenson
Veteran C Peter Hughes
Lady Veteran C Sally Cunliffe
Veteran D Sparrow Harrison

The VC Melyd awards will be presented at the VC Melyd Annual dinner on Friday 25th November at the Faenol Fawr, Bodelwyddan at 9.30 pm.

The Rhyl CC awards will be presented at the Rhyl CC Christmas dinner on Sunday December 11th at the White Horse PH, Llangynhafal.

For this year the League overall winners and age group winners (*) will be presented with perpetual trophies. Certificates will also be presented to all age group winners in the Club Championship events. 

Trophies will be awarded to age group winners who competed in 6 or more events.

–Nic Wright (Rhyl CC)

Source: The official results can be found on the Rhyl CC website here.

Gaps and lack of awards: This is because no one from that age group took part. So – a word to the wise, check the season next year – lets have a VCM rider in more of these slots for next year!

How are these decided? During the season there are a number of Club Champion events which decide on these esteemed titles for the year.

What about the points I have seen on the time sheets? Points are awarded per event for the first X places. Placing highly gives you an obvious advantage unsurprisingly… as does completing more events. A complete break down can be found below for every one of the SIXTY ONE entrants from local clubs (of which 28 where VCM) in this years season.

Position Name Category  Club Affiliation
1 Mike Lewis Senior Rhyl CC 447
2 Rhion Morgan Senior Rhyl CC 409
3 Tom Davies Youth A MTRT/Rhyl CC 408
4 Nic Wright Vet-B Rhyl CC 400
5 Richard Ashcroft Vet-A Rhyl CC 372
6 Sally Cunliffe Vet Lady-C VC Melyd 343
7= Tim Erasmus Vet-B Rhyl CC 320
7= David Griffiths Vet-A MTRT/VC Melyd 320
9 Ashley Roberts Senior Rhyl CC 281
10 Graham Stephenson Vet-B Rhyl CC 256
11 Tom Brereton Senior Team Elite/VC Melyd 244
12 Simon Price Vet-B VC Melyd 238
13 Sparrow Harrison Vet-D Rhyl CC 222
14 Morgan Hughes Junior Team Elite/Rhyl CC 200
15 David Bell Senior VC Melyd 172
16 Dave Watt Vet-A Team Elite/VC Melyd 171
17 Edward Woodhead Youth B Rhyl CC 161
18 Rhys Wainwright Senior MTRT/VC Melyd 146
19 Simon Parkinson Senior MTRT/VC Melyd 132
20 David Fanning Vet-B Clwb Beicio Bala/Rhyl CC 117
21 Peter Hughes Vet-C Rhyl CC 114
22 Simon Hall Vet-A VC Melyd 86
23 Laura Ellis Senior Lady MTRT/VC Melyd 74
24 Richard Lee Vet-B Rhyl CC 74
25 Anthony Hogbin Vet-A VC Melyd 65
26 Dave Tudor Junior NFTO Race/VC Melyd 52
27 Katie Dawson Vet Lady-A VC Melyd 52
28 Reece Lessiter Junior MTRT/VC Melyd 50
29 Andy Malcolm Vet-B VC Melyd 46
30 Ben Hughes Senior Rhyl CC 46
31 Darren Wareing Vet-A VC Melyd 45
32 Tim Buckley Vet-A VC Melyd 41
33 Donna Warren Vet Lady-A VC Melyd 39
34 Hywel Lloyd Senior Rhyl CC 38
35 Jack Blanchard Youth A Rhyl CC 32
36 Fran Hoare Vet Lady-B Rhyl CC/VC Melyd 30
37 Jack Nash Junior MTRT/VC Melyd 29
38 Terry Glynn Vet-A VC Melyd 28
39 Alan Overson Vet-B VC Melyd 26
40 Callum Dixon Senior NFTO Race/Rhyl CC 26
41 Paul Singleton Vet-B Rhyl CC 26
42 Chris Williams Senior MTRT/VC Melyd 25
43 Aries Jansens Senior VC Melyd 24
44 James Morris Vet-B Rhyl CC 24
45 Finley Douglas Youth C Rhyl CC 23
46 Justin Lewis Vet-A VC Melyd 22
47 Becky Hoare Senior Lady Army CU/Rhyl CC 21
48 Evan Burgess Youth C Rhyl CC 21
49 Jason Breakey Senior NFTO Race/Rhyl CC 21
50 Anthony Webb Youth C Rhyl CC 20
51 Gareth Hughes Vet-A Rhyl CC 19
52 Joel Lingard Youth E Rhyl CC 19
53 Bryn Baxter Youth D Rhyl CC 18
54 Paul Griffin Vet-A Rhyl CC 18
55 James Johnson Youth C Rhyl CC 17
56 Steve Lovibond Vet-B Rhyl CC 17
57 Glyn Morris Vet-B VC Melyd 16
58 Greg Powell Vet-B VC Melyd 15
59 Steve Sharp Vet-B VC Melyd 15
60 Richard Sumner Vet-A VC Melyd 12
61 Sarah Bayliss Vet Lady-A Rhyl CC 12
Annual General Meeting 2016

Annual General Meeting 2016

This week saw the announcement of the 2016 Annual General Meeting for VC Melyd. Posted to Facebook, with agenda’s sent to users, and using the British Cycling Membership mail list.

“As a member of VC Melyd, I’d like to invite you to the club annual general meeting on the 23rd November at 7.30pm in the Faenol Fawr Hotel.

— Mark Allen

Please find a copy of the agenda below, and be sure to get back to Mark directly or in reply on Facebook so we have an idea of how many are going to be in attendance.

All who cannot be there – but have points to raise – be sure to get these down in advance, and over to Mark or someone going in your place.

This is your club, and your opportunity to voice concerns, ideas, and take an active roll in where this award winning club is going to.2016-vcm-agm-agenda

Annual Dinner and Awards Ceremony 2016

Annual Dinner and Awards Ceremony 2016

It is almost that time of year again. After yet another successful year for both individuals and the club it is time to get together and hand out the shiny and the not so shiny – eat – drink – and be merry. Something we also excel at 🙂

Sally, our social secretary has posted this to the FB group. Should you require any further information do not hesitate to get in touch directly.

Annual VCM Awards Dinner on Friday 25th November 2016 at the Faenol Fawr, Bodelwyddan.

Order of the evening:
6pm – kids session
– 7pm – drinks at the bar
– 7.45pm – dinner
– 9 pm – charity raffle
– 9.30pm – prize presentation
– 10pm – disco

£25 per person payable to the club (please PM me for details).

Please choose starters and main courses from the attached menu.

— Sally Cunliffe