Greg and Steve have toiled away in secret preparing the VC Melyd 2016 Reliability Trial. The funds raised from the event are going to St Kentigern’s Hospice, a local charity. The route is old school – maps – and not a TCX, GPX, Strava, or Garmin route in sight. Directions are posted en route. This is probably for the best given the route we are about to undertake. Both routes looking at around 1000ft for every 10 miles, and a wondrous array of unfamiliar yet local ascents lay ahead of us on both of the two routes provided. The entry is paid and friends are here relying on our support or at least the banter leans towards that theory. Your reliably informed there is no escaping the trial now.



The secret is out, the maps are marked and laid out for all to see, the distance is set and the roads are marked, how many hills can you reliably climb, how many miles will the bike remain true. But the banter should carry you through!!


The warm up lap begins.


The hills keep coming but the smiles remain and the punctures are nowhere to be seen.



Upwards and onwards, surprised I am by how many hills we have in this beautiful part of the world. “Oh Joy!” (Donna) comes the call “I’ve found another gear!”, “Just like finding a fiver you never thought you had” (Gary) comes the reply, mud hills and scary descents cannot take away the banter. The higher you go the better scenery that’s why we love the hills.

12967361_1081726681885268_7027866474640707602_oCould this be the bit we have all been aiming for! Not yet after all this is a test of your reliability, just a little down and a few more hills before the descent back down to the sea.


Congratulations to Steve and Greg for their efforts in providing our route and their efforts in helping St Kentigern’s Hospice, the midpoint refreshments along with a final slice of humble pie just to soften the pain of tired legs.