Following up on a conversation on tyre pressure earlier in the week we have had a follow up on tyre choice after Rob T. raised a query on this.

1000 miles and the tyre is through to the canvas. Not impressed with continental ultra race. Not the hardest wearing tyre!

So what road bike tyres are we all using, have had experience of using, training, commuting, racing, you know… road bike tyres.
 – Longevity;
 – Ride Quality;
 – Puncture Resilience;
 – Grip.
While the first three are an inconvenience and a bind – the latter just plain hurts, people and bikes.
The discussion bounced back and fourth but essentially revolved around the pro’s and con’s of the following clincher tyres:
 – Schwalbe Ultremo ZX
 – Contintental GrandPrix 4000S (and GP4000S2)
 – Michelin Pro Race 2, 3 & 4
On the matter of winter tyres the ones that kept coming up …and the popular by inclusion Continental Gatorksins – which while more resilient than most tyres lacks grip, especially in the damp…. with a reputation for being Marmite with regards to love or hate. A more safe choice would be the Continental 4 Seasons – less puncture protection, a more lively ride, and traction.
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