Glorified typist and maintainer of the VC Melyd website.
Holder of the much coveted “2014 VCM Social Media award”.

I started riding … well I don’t know when to be fair. I grew up in an area that was predominantly flat – things were at best ‘rolling’. Things got more serious towards the end of secondary school when I would race the train to school – sure it took the more scenic stopping coastal route, me, the far more direct A Road. Part of road to school and summer job formed the Q10/31, and before too long I found myself joining the local club Thanet RC and time trialling. By 6th form I had a note from my mum giving me permission to ride home as opposed to ‘doing games’…  result.
I joined VC Melyd in 2005. Now surrounded by hills and mountains, the gearing changed but the cyclist remained just had to adapt sharpish! In 2007 I completed the Three Peaks by Bike Challenge with the club – one hell of an adventure! After a few years completely off the bike I returned in 2013 to find so many new faces, so much growth and opportunity – having so many levels to ride at is amazing.