For those of you who are looking for Velo Club Melyd club kit – but not sure on the fit or the price of the current supplier – why not have a look over the stock list for the last provider we used. Items are available for sizing, so there is no risk – you can try them on. Same destinctive kit and logo – different provider. Simple.
Stock items reduced by 50% – Please message me if you wish to reserve.” — Mandy Rowlands (Kit secretary)

Long sleeve body suit Extra small £40.00
Large £40.00
Bib shorts Large £20.00
Gilet Extra Large £20.00
Large £20.00
Long sleeve Jersey Thermofleece Extra Large £25.00
Large £25.00
Medium £25.00
Long sleeve Winterproof Jacket Small £35.00

Either reach mandy through the VCM Facebook group – or