The 2015 AGM took place at Marsh Tracks on Tuesday 27th October 2016 2030hrs – with 27 club members in attendance.
A very positive review of 2015 took place before outlining suggested changes and activities for the year ahead.

VC Melyd has 154 members – a 101% growth since 2013.
Female membership at 45 members or 29%.
We have 38 members under the age of 18 or 25%.


Comparatively – we have a lot of qualified coaches in VCM
1x British Cycling Level 3 Coach.
8x British Cycling Level 2 Coaches.
1x British Cycling Level 1 coach.
Over 1600 hours of coaching delivered by VC Melyd at Marsh Tracks, Rhyl.
This equates to an average of 160 hours per coach or 3 hours a week.


‘Welsh Cycling Go Ride Club of the year 2016’ runner up.
‘Welsh Cycling Volunteer of the year 2016’ runner up.
‘Insport’ disability inclusion award.
Go Ride ‘Club Mark’ awarded, setting us aside from other Go Ride clubs.


A strong committee that has grown this year.
Healthy positive balance and improved banking abilities.
Planning ahead for an even stronger 2016.