Time Trial Season 2017 Ends.

Time Trial Season 2017 Ends.

This Sunday saw a particularly wet ending to the 2017 VC Melyd and Rhyl CC time trial season.

Running the same day as the Welsh National Hill Climb championship up to Pen y Pass – the lengthened climb of Rhuallt hill was the venue for the last even in the season.

Another year of course records, age group, and gender records. With a double first place for VC Melyd – congratulation to David and Sally for their first place positions – and a huge, HUGE thank you to everyone who took part and supported the series this year.



“The provisional end of year results and league table are herewith. Just follow the links. Please report any errors to me and I will correct. Congratulations to David Griffiths who scored consistently highly throughout the year and proved to be a worthy League winner ahead of the runner up for the second year running, Rhion Morgan. From left to right in the photo, Rhion Morgan, David Griffiths and Nic Wright (3rd ).” — Nic Wright (Rhyl CC)

1 David Griffiths Vet-A MTRT/VC Melyd
2 Rhion Morgan Senior Rhyl CC
3 Nic Wright Vet-B Rhyl CC
4 Mike Lewis Senior Rhyl CC
5 Richard Ashcroft Vet-A Rhyl CC
6 Finley Douglas Youth B Rhyl CC
7 Sally Cunliffe Vet Lady-C VC Melyd
8 Gerallt Allen Senior VC Melyd
9 Tim Erasmus Vet-B Rhyl CC
10 Sparrow Harrison Vet-D Rhyl CC
11 Finley Jones Youth B Rhyl CC
12 David Fanning Vet-B VC Melyd
13 Edward Woodhead Youth B Rhyl CC
14 Graham Stephenson Vet-B Rhyl CC
15 Tom Davies Junior MTRT/Rhyl CC
16 Isaac Lawrence Youth B Rhyl CC
17 Morgan Hughes Senior Rhyl CC
18 Ashley Roberts Senior Rhyl CC
19 Meirion Wyn Roberts Vet-D VC Melyd
20 Matty Kedzierski Senior Rhyl CC
21 Fergus Murray Vet-B Rhyl CC
22 Dion Jones Senior Rhyl CC
23 Peter Hughes Vet-C Rhyl CC
24= David Henley Vet-B Rhyl CC
24= Tim Buckley Vet-A VC Melyd
26 Simon Price Vet-B VC Melyd
27 Paul Singleton Vet-B Rhyl CC
28 Richard Lee Vet-B Rhyl CC
29 Terry Glynn Vet-A VC Melyd
30 Simon Parkinson Senior MTRT/VC Melyd
31 Stephen Skates Senior Rhyl CC
32= Jon Harland Vet-B Rhyl CC
32= Mark Lewis Senior VC Melyd
34 Becky Hoare Senior Lady Army CU/Rhyl CC
35 Fran Hoare Vet Lady-B Rhyl CC
36 Andy Malcolm Vet-C VC Melyd
UCI Gran Fondo Championships 2017

UCI Gran Fondo Championships 2017

This week Darren and Sally, VC Melyd riders attend the UCI World Championships 2017 at the Albi Race Circuit France.

Having previously dug deep to qualify for their positions the riders stood to battle in both Road Race and Time Trial respectively.

Alas, it would also seem that a particularly un Welsh temperature had to be beaten as well.

Out of a field 12 for the Women’s 60-64 event, Sally came in at 39 minutes 14 and a very respectable 5th place to a first of 38 minutes 05 to the Netherlands based Marti Valks of GWC De Adelaar.

As temperatures continued to ride Darren took the wise decision not to take part in the road race event as temperatures remained above 40C.

Congratulations from everyone at VC Melyd to you both for achieving what most of us could only dream of.




Reliability Ride 2017

Reliability Ride 2017

Not content with organising the paperwork, the route, the venue, Steve and Greg managed to organise fine weather as well for the 2017 VC Melyd Reliability ride.

“This years reliability ride raised £425.00 for charity, many thanks to all who supported this years ride.  The efforts to facilitate this event were well worth it.”

— Steve Sharp / Club Chairman.

Huw McKee who arrived with the buckets for this years fund raising is going on to undertake an epic challenge later in the year. If you were unable to take part in the reliability trial / contribute to the cause at the event – you may wish to read more about Huw’s cycling challenge later in the year, or donate directly.

Many thanks once again to Greg, Steve, Richard, Mark, and everyone who played a part in making the day possible – and to all of those who braved the roads, took in the views, and rode / didn’t ride the whole course. I think you will agree it was indeed a great day to be out on a bike – and money well raised for a good cause.

NWRR 2017 – February Update

NWRR 2017 – February Update

Following the announcement of the North Wales Road Race Series 2017 back in December – the places are starting to fill up .

Check availability and enter using the British Cycling portal – however here are the current standings.

Thanks to all those riders who have entered the 2017 North Wales Road Races so far. It’s much to my surprise that the first race is now full with a total of 6 riders on the reserve list so far.

Update of the races so far:-
North Wales Road Races – Denbigh – FULL
North Wales KOM Series Rd1 – 50/80
North Wales KOM Series Rd2 – 35/80
North Wales KOM Series Rd3 – 24/80

I’ll be accepting entrants for the rest of the races in March. I’d like to remind riders that they will be accepted on a first come first served basis.” — Simon Parkinson (Road Race Secretary)

In terms of dates for the calendar dates the following were posted yesterday:

9/4 – Denbigh
7/5 – Llyn Brenig
10/6 – Trawsfynydd
11/6 – Anglesey
16/7 – Ruthin
19/8 – Llyn Brenig
20/8 – Llyn Brenig” — Mark Allen (Club Secretary)

Be sure to subscribe to the NWRR Facebook Group to ensure you have the most up to date information.

Maps for the various routes can be found below.

Round 1– Ruthin (KoM Series) – https://www.strava.com/routes/865407

Round 2 – Denbigh (cat 2/3/4) – https://www.strava.com/routes/865441

Round 3 – Saturday – Trawsfynydd (KoM Series) – https://www.strava.com/routes/2151684

Round 3 – Sunday – Llangefni (KoM Series) – https://www.strava.com/segments/2966069

Round 4 – Llyn Brenig (KoM Series) – https://www.strava.com/routes/865385

Round 5 – Denbigh (cat 2/3/4) – https://www.strava.com/routes/865441

Congratulations to Lois & Janet!

Congratulations to Lois & Janet!

I am sure you will join me on congratulating Lois Lee and Janet Burthem on their podium places at the end of the North Wales Cyclocross Season this last weekend.

While some might consider it an unholy combination of road/mountain biking interrupted by running and jumping, there still seems to be a large group of mad wo/men keen to go through this hour long ordeal every fortnight in support of the local event series. Congratulations to you both!


Brass Monkey Results

Brass Monkey Results

Heads still hazy from the night before, a week of excess, and the lure of a fancy dress event.

This year starting earlier to allow for more people should they turn up – twenty  riders took part in this year’s VC Melyd & Rhyl CC Brass Monkey Time Trial.

Nine miles of joy, four celsius, damp roads, and first time riders.

Twenty Seventeen is under way.

Brass Monkey – New Years Day – 2017

Wind speed Light/Moderate Surface condition Damp Date 20170101
Wind direction N Temperature 4 Course code D1/9
Air pressure 1022
Position Name Category Club (s) Time PB Points
1 Rhion Morgan Senior Rhyl CC 23.38 30
2 Ian Kneale Vet-A Ruthin CC 24.09
3 Nic Wright Vet-B Rhyl CC 24.55 29
4 Simon Parkinson Senior MTRT/VC Melyd 25.06   28
5 Richard Evans Vet-A Wrexham-Fibrax CC 25.51
6 David Fanning Vet-B Rhyl CC 25.57 27
7 Sally Cunliffe Vet Lady-C VC Melyd 26.21 26
8 Becky Hoare Senior Lady Army CU/Rhyl CC 26.26 25
9 Richard Ashcroft Vet-A Rhyl CC 27.02 24
10 Finley Douglas Youth B Rhyl CC 27.44 FT 23
11 David Henley Vet-B Rhyl CC 27.47 FT 22
12 Josh Morris Senior Liverpool Phoenix 28.08
13 Tim Erasmus Vet-B Rhyl CC 28.48 21
14 Edward Woodhead Youth B Rhyl CC 29.01 20 40 sec penalty ( late )
15 Fran Hoare Vet Lady-B Rhyl CC 29.26 19
16 Isaac Lawrence Youth B Rhyl CC 29.48 FT 18
17 Ella Oldfield Youth A Girl MTRT 32.10
18 Andy Malcolm Vet-C VC Melyd 32.53   17
19 Peter Hughes Vet-C Rhyl CC 32.56 16
20 Sparrow Harrison Vet-D Rhyl CC 45.00 15

Fred Whitton Challenge 2015

Fred Whitton Challenge 2015

Saturday arrived, the much anticipated ride was but a day away. I loaded my van with all that was required and set off to collect my two friends and fellow riders. All was loaded and off we set, full of joviality and talk of how we would attack the FWC. We arrived at the hostel mid afternoon and sought our place of rest for the night, met up with fellow club members and then headed off to sign in then later for a meal together. Much banter was had about gearing, strategy and of course the usual mickey taking. Once fed and watered off we went for a final drink or two and then to bed.
We woke/stirred about 5 a.m, some of us slept, many of us did not. To my amazement there were people already leaving as we got up to prepare for the day, we showered, dressed, ate and then off we went. The queue of people arriving was long, the weather wet and faces of the passing riders so very miserable. We looked at each other and began to wonder just what had we let ourselves in for. Needless to say this would not put us off, we parked, double checked all we had was what we needed and headed off for the start/finish line. Pockets packed with food stuffs of all types, bottles filled to the brim with all sorts of magic concoctions to see us through the day…….I was beginning to get a little apprehensive, it was going to be a big day and already it was wet. I was under dressed for the weather as it was and the forecast was horrendously wrong, what could we expect later on?
It was too late now, over the line we went, a small group of us riding together and keeping one another company through the day. We clocked some miles, my mood got better and it seemed like maybe I was going to be okay, maybe my clothing was suitable after all. The rain stopped, the temperature rose. We got to the first noticeable climb, it’s name escapes me, names really aren’t my strong point but we rode it and it was fine, I was warm, slightly wet but warm, it was good. We stopped at the top for a quick top up of energy foods and to wait, eating is so very important, this I had drummed into myself before the outset as I am no lightweight. We re grouped and off we set down the very steep descent, a marshal shouts “steady, there’s been an accident half way down!” This made me nervous, I am already not good on descents on wet or damp roads, they make me nervous! I tentatively descended behind my fellow riders, riding within my comfort zone, I didn’t care if they were quicker I could always catch them up if need be but it was okay, there was no need for catchup. I was glad that was over……but I knew there would be more.
We rode some more flats and some more bumps, there were riders over taking but that didn’t bother me, I didn’t know the route and would rather be slower and finish than blow before the end. The pace was okay with the odd sprint here and there on the flat and the slog up so many climbs, I was enjoying myself, the weather was holding and the day was going to plan. Then came some more long climbs, steep thigh burning long climbs. We took those in our stride, we were used to those, we live in Wales, it’s just like our back yard. This continues for a few more hours, then the wind begins to pick up, the rain begins to fall heavier, there isn’t a single part of my body that isn’t cold and wet. We stop for a short break, then another of our group randomly appears, I don’t know why I was surprised, he does it all the time. We whine about the hideous weather and then continue on together. We hit another thigh burner, not so much that it makes you want to cry but people are already beginning to walk them, this isn’t a good sign when this is literally half way I think to myself. Up we go, climbing and climbing in the pouring rain, again at the top we are warned about the descent being steep and so very precarious, there are straw bales on the outside of a corner, I feel nervous, I’m on carbon rims, I think to myself please don’t melt as I’m almost constantly on the brakes all the way down. I get to the bottom and all is good, I’m there, we are there and everyone is alive and unbroken. We ride off into the now strong wind, the type of wind that makes you wish it would just go away,not strong enough to slow you right down but enough to put unwanted extra pressure on your thighs and sap your energy some more. We trundle on chatting, taking in the utterly breath taking scenery and generally in good spirits despite the weathers best efforts to ruin it, then comes another long hard climb. I ride it at my pace, I loose all recollection of where any of my friends are I just ride, at my pace, in my little world, I see a tent at the top or so very near the top at least and there are many people. I approach and hear the phrase of the day “good effort lad” and someone hands me a kinder bar, within seconds it has gone, then a blue ribband and again it has gone within seconds. I was hungry, so very very hungry, I had run out of food, I was begining to feel it’s effect and knew I needed a food stop and to get warm. I was aware of what was to come……98 miles in it was there, that one everyone talked about, the one people say the pro’s were walking, HARDKNOTT pass it was known as, the slayer of fatigued riders. I had no intention of walking anything, I’m too stubborn but I was beginning to wonder if I would be another one of its victims. We found the next feed station, it had heaters, the feeling was like I had been rescued from a desert island, oh and it had coffee too, it was incredible, a real mood lifter. We met up with more group members, chatted, warmed ourselves and then we all set off together for THAT HILL.
We rode for a few miles, the weather had broken by this point, it was warmer, less windy and above all not raining. Then it came into sight, I had that feeling in my gut, I knew it was going to hurt. We approached and already people were saying they were walking it. I had no such intention, it wouldn’t beat me, no way. There were two of us riding, myself and a team mate, we rode, we encouraged each other, everyone else was walking, people in the way, I was swerving to avoid them but I carried on, we pushed each other, we were determined. I could see the top, I could no longer hear my team mate, briefly I thought I hope he makes it, but then my thoughts go back to me, where I am and how I’m doing. I make it to the top, mashing at the peddles slowly and then there is that feeling, emotional, that feeling like you’ve done something you never thought you really would. I feel truly emotional as I sit back down in my saddle and take it in. I conquered Hardknott when so so many couldn’t. I did it, for me, for my own sense of achievement I did it, and then my team mate comes over the top, still on his bike, still peddling. I almost well up, it truly was an emotional experience for me, we had pushed one another, we had dug so very deep in the reserves and we had done it! It’s one of those hills, the ones you see people doing and you think wow that really must hurt…..it’s true what you think, they really do hurt, they burn deep within your legs, your arms, they ache like you have been swinging an axe for hours on end as you literally heave yourself up them. You tell yourself not far now, you think of the crest of the hill, you see it, you again tell yourself it’s not far just 50, 40, 30, 20 more yards and I’m there. You can no longer feel the pain in your legs, you’ve switched off from it, you’ve taken yourself to that place in your head where all that matters is the next peddle stroke. I do this thing where I count the peddle strokes, it’s odd I know but it works for me. On a short ride I’m sure it would be much easier but we were doing it on the Fred Whitton, it was a long way in and a lot of elevation had already been gained. That was it though, it was done, the hardest climb of the day had been conquered. My team mate and I descended the other side, it too was incredibly steep. We rode off, one more pass to do and we could relax. The last one was tough, not for very long but the last couple hundred feet, the legs felt empty, not completely but enough that you feel aching as soon as it kicks up a little. I zig zag near the top as the pain kicks in, lessen the angle, take some pressure off my broken muscles. We hit the summit and off we go, again down a slightly scary descent but it was alomst flat from here, nearly home. You feel a weight lifted as you do it, as you know it’s almost done. The ride so many say is horrendous, it’s the toughest you will ever do and it’s nearly over. We get to some flat ground and I turn and say to my team mate shall we put the hammer down, he laughs and then off we go. I lead out, from nowhere I have found some energy, where does it come from, how can we always put some speed on at the end of such a gruelling ride. We switch half way through and he takes some pressure off me, then again I am back on point. We over take absolutely everyone we come to, single riders, groups, all of them fair game, not one person managed to keep up or over take us. I still don’t know how we did it but we did. The finish line was in sight, I hit the roundabout as fast as my legs could push me and there was a welcome sight, another team mate who couldn’t unfortunately do the ride due to injury, I smile, wave and then keep pushing to the line. I was done, I was so very very happy, utterly shattered but I had ridden the entire Fred Whitton Challenge without.
NWRR Completes With Round 5

NWRR Completes With Round 5

This weekend saw the final round of the NWRR series. Taking in 6 laps of the D1/9 TT course, to finish on the Denbigh Industrial Park. The results of the north Wales road race – for round five, and the overall series can be found below.

“NWRR – Round 5 – Results

1 Stephen Feeney
2 Rhodri Owen
3 Kieran Wynne-Cattanach
4 Jamie Fletcher
5 Mathew Lythgoe
6 Gareth McGuinness
7 John Charles
8 Morgan Hughes
9 Michael Harrison
10 Matt Hallam

Many thanks to everyone who helped out and took part in this series, and made it possible.

Congratulations to Team Chronomaster, Ynys Mon Racing Team, and Buxton CC / Sett Valley Cycles on the club / team awards, and to Dylan Kerfoot-Robson (Team USN), Joseph Bowers (BuxtonCC/Sett Valley Cycles), and Jimmy Smith (Team Aspire) for the first second and third respectively.

The Overall Results for the North Wales Road Race Series (NWRR) can be found here.

[Pictures Ian Mclean – Welsh Cycling]

Another great review from the people at Team Chronomaster too.

“NWRR Series has come to an end for 2016 after a successful final round. Its been a busy year hosting our first Road Race Series for VC Melyd. Huge thanks again to the great team of volunteers and helpers. Thanks to CSAS marshals, Welsh Cycling, NEG, BC commissaires, st johns ambulance and Ynys Mon Race Team for providing the neutral service. Special thanks to Chris Allen who has helped with the signs before and after all the races. He has also done a top job as chief judge at the finish line of every round. Special thanks also to Mark Allen who has helped with all the organisation. Massive appreciation to the regular team of volunteers from VC Melyd.
Thanks to Darran Acton at Champion Systems UK for providing the winners Jerseys after each round, they looked great in the peloton…….and our very own treasurer Nick Rowlands who has done a great job of managing the finances.

— Simon Parkinson.


VC Melyd cycling club has put road racing back on the map for cyclists in North Wales in spectacular fashion by hosting the North Wales Road Race Series (NWRRS).

NWRRS came to an end on Sunday 11th September 2016, which seen more than 140 amateur cyclists tackle five gruelling race circuits across Ruthin, Denbigh, Marsh Tracks Rhyl, Lyn Brenig and Trawsfynydd.

The challenging series was planned to include some of the toughest roads in North Wales to suit both sprinters and climbers. Riders were not only battling against demanding roads but the British weather also played a part making for exciting racing.

Cyclists travelled from all over Wales and the North West of England to compete in the series, including local clubs Marsh Tracks Race Team, Ynys Mon Race Team, Rhos-on-Sea Cycling Club. Team Chronomaster from the North West were the winning Team of the series following consistent results from their riders.

Going into the final race of the series it was all to be won as the results were tight at the top of the league table. Therefore Round 5 this weekend at Denbigh saw constant attacks from the riders all trying to get away and take the win. A small group broke away from the peloton on lap 5 of 6 and the race was won by Stephen Feeney of Team Chronomaster.

Congratulations to local rider Dylan Kerfoot-Robson of Team USN who won the group sprint scoring enough points to take the 2016 Overall North Wales Road Race Series Win by 2 points.

Following the success of this series, planning is already underway for next years’ events with VC Melyd.

— Simon Parkinson.


Time trial – Round 25 – ’37 mountain TT’

Time trial – Round 25 – ’37 mountain TT’

This Sunday the 4th September 2016 saw the 37 mile Mountain Time Trial, the final event in this years season. The course running out and up from above Denbigh towards Bwlchau and then up onto Denbigh Moors before a left alongside Llyn Brenig, and then down the others side to Cerrigydridion, and back to Ruthin. The final stretch heading back towards Denbigh, into the business park – and a cruel uphill finish.

The weather was gusty and overcast after overnight heavy rain – traditionally an end of season celebrated event – this year saw a hardy ten riders turn up to undergo the discomfort of 37 miles of pain with the added bonus of up and down thrown in.

1 / Alex Jones / 1:30:28

2 / David Williams / 1:32:31

3 / Mike Lewis / 1:37:00

4 / Tom Davies / 1:47:27

5 / Ashley Roberts / 1:50:25

6 / Rhion Morgan / 1:51:25

7 / Nic Wright / 1:55:33

8 / Sally Cunliffe / 1:59:32

9 / Edward Woodhead / 2:14:31

10 / Tim Erasmus / 2:21:28 (Puncture)

This completes the Velo Club Melyd & Rhyl Cycling Club season for 2016 with official finish times to follow / confirmation of end of season points.

The next event is the Brass Monkey 9mile TT on Sunday 1st January 2017 – best get that in the diary then!

Time Trial – Round 25 – D1/5

Time Trial – Round 25 – D1/5

As the evenings start to close in and the time trial season is all but at an end we see a number of great performances over the five course this evening.

Well done everyone.

5 mile Time Trial – D1/5

Wind speed Light Surface condition Dry Date 20160830
Wind direction S Temperature 19 Course code D1/5
Air pressure 1023
Position Name Category Club (s) Time PB Points
1 Graham Stephenson Vet-B Rhyl CC 11.15 x 30
2 Rhion Morgan Senior Rhyl CC 11.17 29
3 Tom Davies Youth A MTRT/Rhyl CC 11.39 28
4 Richard Ashcroft Vet-A Rhyl CC 12.10 27
5 David Fanning Vet-B Clwb Beicio Bala/Rhyl CC 12.29 x 26
6 Nic Wright Vet-B Rhyl CC 12.30 25
7 Tim Erasmus Vet-B Rhyl CC 12.47 24
8 Sally Cunliffe Vet Lady-C VC Melyd 13.15 23
9 Edward Woodhead Youth B Rhyl CC 13.46 x 22