In the beginning there was Triathlon, then came Ironman, and eventually because clearly they were not insane enough – Ultra Triathlon’s.
This weekend (September 19th to 22nd) Llanberis, Snowdonia hosted the Brutal Extreme Triathlon.
For those who follow “The Rules” and may be oblivious to the concept or swimming before and riding after a good ride – an Triple Ultra/Extreme Triathlon consists of the following:
  – Swimming – 11.4km (7.1 mi)
  – Cycling – 540km (340 mi)
  – Running – 126.6km (78.7 mi)
Which in anyone’s book goes beyond “okay” – and firmly takes its stand in the realm of “how?“.
Two members of VC Melyd took part … and as those on the VCM FB thread will have been seeing – there has been much congratulating going on – rightly so.
However, here, openly,proudly – a vast epic undertaking from you both Paul Ward and Mark Dodgson. Congratulations on what, for even for the most motivated of us, would consider damned near unachievable. Chapeau.
… and we look forward to reading about your experience before too long!