Congratulations to Darren Wareing of VC Melyd / Marsh Tracks Race Team on qualifying for the UCI amateur World Championships – Perth, Australia later in the year!

“…Once home the messages were stacked up on my phone, lots of friends asking about the race and a whole day of missed messages in a multitude of apps and groups to catch up on. I chatted away with people and then went to my text messages and saw one with a title “Qualifier” I read it and it was a message from the race organiser saying I had qualified to represent GB in the amateur World Championships Road Race and I needed to go and collect my qualifiers’ worlds medal from a lady called Sue. Bloody hell. I was not expecting that. I have since had an email from the organiser wanting to post my medal and inviting me to order the personalised GB kit to wear in Perth! The UCI have agreed country kit and want all GB riders to wear it (recommendation). Can’t wait to ride Rhyl Prom in personalised GB team kit! :-p” — Darren Waering.

You can read the full article on his qualification for the amateur World Champs Road Race 2016 on the MTRT site.