Following the Marsh Tracks AGM this week – North Wales’ only purpose built cycling circuit found itself back in local press after confirming they are on sound financial footing entering 2015.
The article from the Rhyl Journal went on to say the following about our much loved / supported local resource:

“Almost 7,000 attendances were recorded at coaching sessions on the road track, with 2,000 riders having taken part in events.”

“Membership of the Marsh Tracks Racing Team, set up to bring together the region’s top young prospects has risen from 13 to 17, all of whom have attended performance training events organised by British Cycling and Welsh Cycling.”

“The launch of the Dragon Riders in February this year has revitalised the BMX facility, and it now has more than 50 members. The nearby two-kilometer mountain bike track was also opened this year and has been used an estimated 30,000 times between February and November.”

I think you will agree with me that on top of turning around the financial situation of the track – the coaches, directors, and everyone who has taken part in supporting this venture has a great deal to be proud of.
Thank you on behalf of VC Melyd.