Getting back on the bike is not always the easiest of things. What once you took in your stride, is kinda painful. Warey of looking a little “all the gear no idea”… whatever the reason, there are a million reasons to just continue the pattern – no matter how much you want to just get back out there again. If you are looking for that extra encouragement to get back out there… here are the thoughts of Sam – returning to riding after 18 months, and heading out on that traditionally shorter faster Tuesday night ride:

So after around 18 months not riding at all due to work and study pressures I finally made my comeback on Tuesday 20th May. Having worried about the looming ride all afternoon it was soon 6pm and time to get the kit on, if it would still fit, and get on the bike. Immediately after leaving home I met Steve Sharp who had announced my return on our Facebook page along with the promise of a kind route! I was hoping this would be the case!
We made our way to Saints as the rain which had held off all day, decided to pour down….a great start I thought. Once at Saints I saw the familiar collection of faces and VC Meyld shirts as well as plenty of new members as well. At just after half six we were off and heading back towards Rhuddlan in the still persistent rain. From here we enjoyed a 36 mile route which took in Tremerchion, Bodfari, Llandyrnog and Denbigh. I had forgotten how quickly the miles rack up and amongst the banter and general chit chat we breezed through to the 25 mile mark….by which time my legs were starting to ache….a helping shove from Alan however saw me back to St Asaph where myself and Steve parted company with the club for a gentle trot back to Rhuddlan.
I had been apprehensive about returning but any fears and reservations were soon parked and when I was slower up the hills everyone had waited at the top while I got my breath before we set off again. The following Sunday I rode another 35 miles and am now looking forward to this Tuesdays ride as well.
So whether you are experienced rider or new our club welcomes all and no one has to worry about being left behind. I really think that the benefits of riding with the club again will improve my fitness much more quickly as well.
So for those who have been unsure, come along and give it a go!

— Sam Evans