Happy new year one and all – as we return to work and pack away the festivities into boxes for another year – coaxing our bodies back to operating on under 8,000 kCal a day, and just the one bottle of wine a day – it is time for athletes of the Melyd to turn our attention to such pressing matters as membership.
Now chances are that you will have already had an email from the Club Treasurer regarding the process. The essentials of which are as follows:
Everyone needs to fill out the form – you need to get the form filled out and returned;
– Payment via cash, cheque, or bank transfer;
– Membership now runs from 2nd January, to 31st December;
– Those who registered since October – you are good to go already.
I think you will agree that this is a very reasonable fee for belonging to North Wales Premier, and not to mention multi award winning cycling club. Lets get this turned around and sorted for another year.
A happy new year to you one and all – and the best for a year of of good health and riding achievement ahead of us all.
Note: If you have any further questions – do not hesitate to contact the Club Treasurer Sam to find out more. Keep in mind if you intend on time trialling this season – for your results to be counted towards any awards / pay (the reduced) club entry fee your membership needs to be in place first.