Back at the small end of August three teams of four, and some individuals took part in the London100. This is not news now.
As you are riding around, it’s all… well its all a bit big, and the scenery is fabulous… however you are making progress and you miss out on it all.
On top of the usual photographs – there was an hours footage from the beginning of the ride – which we eagerly sat through … taking the time to take in the sites…. as opposed to picking a route through people and shouting “on your right” a lot while trying to paint the picture “Dan – while this pace is great, we do still have 95 miles to go.”
However – as fun as an hours footage of us riding is… for us… it fails to cut it for anyone else. MANY THANKS to (Lord) Gary for cutting this down to something most respectable. Here is to happy memories, and to Team B (Dan Liddle, Gary Sheridan, Vic Manley, Anthony Hogbin) and their great day out.