Posted to the VCM FB group – great news from our award winning offroad duo Jan & Lucy:

It was left to Lucy and I to represent Muddy Melyd at Marshbrook (75km) today, as the usual contingent saw 2700m of ascent and went elsewhere. All I can say is that we did manage to finish it. It made the Howies Dyfi Enduro look like a ride to work, and I now feel pretty much like I’ve just ridden The Marmotte.
However as they said there was also 2700m of downhill and actually some of it was the steepest twisty descent through woodland I’ve ever ridden. Nice at 50km in.
Lucy rode really well, although Alan Overson she now knows that half way feeling! I’m sure we finished somewhere near last, and I did fall down a hillside near the end when I waited for Lucy, put my foot down on fresh air off the path and fell sideways down a fern covered slope. I would have still been there now as Lucy didn’t see me and rode past, but a very kind man who panicked thinking I’d just disappeared down a precipice, stopped and pulled me out. Great day, you missed a treat lads.
— Janet Burthem

Last you say? Lucy and Jan both in around 6 hours 50 – impressive work!