The following was raised through the VC Melyd Facebook group – great news for Marsh Tracks:

As mentioned last week I have managed to secure some cash to aid cycling development locally. Primarily my bids have been based around diverting young people away from activities that may get them into trouble by getting them involved in local cycling – namely using the facilities at Marsh Tracks.
This came about after a conversation with Alan Overson about the new MTB track and local young people not having the right safety kit. People were turning up without helmets and there were not enough to go around from MT stock. I agreed to look at funding opportunities to see what could be secured. We have managed to secure £500 from the Police and Community Trust and £400 from the Police Property Act Fund. Further to that the High Sheriff’s office have agreed to fund a youth engagement event(s) to the tune of £400. All in all there is £1,300 to spend on helmets and other kit and events to engage with young people.
I will work with those necessary to make sure the spend satisfies the bids and we all get what we need for MT to help to get the right kit so more young people can give cycling a try. Lets hope many will benefit and lets hope that cycling will be “something to do”. The detail about the kit and events is yet to be sorted but the money is there. I hope it contributes in a small way to all the fantastic work that is going on locally. I am in awe at the amount of time people give up to help others at the track and in the clubs.
— Darren Wareing

Congratulations to everyone involved in securing this – and to everyone doing what is clearly recognised as worthy at Marsh Tracks. Good news indeed.