Mudguards – they can be a bit of a pain. Thankfully this year there have been no real need to fall out with anyone over a mouthful of the old Belgian Toothpaste in a Hell of the North style. More luck than judgment really.
So with this in mind – and for those still riding without protection – don’t risk losing friends – here are some fine words of experience that I thought were worth sharing for those who do not have frame mounts, clearance, or willing to go down to the P clip route.

“That’s one quick way to trash a bikes’ components. To be fair the roads we cycle this time of year get really dirty there will be lots of salt too soon. Not good. The best combination I’ve found for a road bike without eyelets are race blade long with a rear (front section of rear only) from a crud MK2. The race blades otherwise throw all the road grime onto the drive train and front mech. Expensive buying two sets but cheaper than chains, cassettes and cranksets I found this through trial and error having bought the cruds first and then giving up on them. I then bought the race blades and suffered the grime being poured onto my crank and front mech. It’s worse than having no mudguards as it funnels it nicely so I made the crud part fit onto the race blade bracket and all was good. Just have to zip tie the race blades onto their brackets too as they fall off. Two heavy winter riding seasons so far out of that set up. Yes I’ve had to renew components but not as often as I would have had to with the grinding paste.”
— Darren.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Set up properly there will be no rubbing, no rattling ideally;
  • Your bike will need cleaning less;
  • Parts will last longer – yeah – I know – why would you not;
  • Your feet will stay drier and therefore warmer;
  • Your backside will stay cleaner and more importantly drier, this makes your world nicer;
  • The people behind you are not cursing under their breath;
  • The impact on the bike is not the same as adding parachutes, an anchor and panniers;
  • The effect in side winds is not going to be noticeable as deep section rims.

Generally speaking – the world will be a nicer place for you – your bike – and those behind you.