I know, I know – those sleepless nights – concerned over still not getting your susb / membership paid yet enjoying all the benefits of being an active member of this sublime organisation without picking up the tab! Well worry be gone – and sleep soundly – the preferred and suggested method is now online no less. BEHOLD – The Future has arrived:

If you are already a British Cycling Member (and why wouldn’t you be?), you can follow the payment link in your Dashboard. The steps are About Me –> Clubs & Teams –> Club Profile –> then ‘Buy Club Membership’ (this assumes you’ve linked you British Cycling Membership to Velo Club Melyd – again – if not why not.).
Or, you can search for Velo Club Melyd on theBritish Cycling webpage, and follow any of the links to the Club Profile and then ‘Buy Club Membership. — Mark Allen

This has two advantages – your details are entered immediately into the BC Club Manager interface in a standard form. We get to capture all the goodness we require without the wonder of paperwork, getting that back to the club secretary / treasurer, the wonder of jingly loose coins, cheques, and slightly moist membership forms from a back jersey pockets. This is truly the way forward – the very choice of winners.
If you have any further questions – do not hesitate to drop us an email, or contact us over on the VCM FB group.