Some of you may be aware that there is a new sportive coming to our doorstep this summer. If not – its well worth checking out. We have a number of our number already confirmed and signed up for this event.
Sunday 9th August 2015 – The Official Mark Cavendish Cyclosportive – CHESTER – NORTH WALES – CHESTER – Rise Above Sportive
As posted over on the Facebook group – our resident go-to-man for road event organisation PitstopPlay has spoken with the organiser directly and has this to share should you need more reasons to dive in and sign up:

“I’ve just a great and very detailed conversation with the organiser of this event. I’m already entered. I met Luke at the last couple of Tour of Britain events and it’s fair to say he’s keen to do a great job and wants to show case North Wales. He’s a local lad too.
There is currently a 10% discount on the price and it will be going up to £35. He did however tell me about the goody bag…he won’t let me go into detail but it is not the usual sportive stuff. From what he mentioned he’s bleeding Cav’s sponsors dry! (He knows we moan about paying to ride on your roads)
Most of us don’t ride these events for goody bags, it’s all about the experience. He’s keen that we get to start it as a club together if that’s what we want. Photos etc with you know who (Donna – hold back) He’s reaching out to all the local clubs and wants to get as many local clubs as he can to ride it. He’s aware of the price and is hopeful that, with a few yet to be announced details, it won’t price club riders out. I know we all have our views on that.
I entered the longest ride last week before speaking with him, now that I have spoken with him it sounds like it’s going to be a cracker. I did remind him that our club regularly rides up Bwlch Penbarras and we would kick Cav’s arse “
— Pitstop Play

Now while I can make no guarantees on weather, how much it is going to hurt, or the fact that Pitstop is going “Kick Cav’s Arse”…. it should be a great day out as a club, and on our doorstep.