Many thanks to Darren who has herded the necessary cats into a formal rotation for route planning the organised rides for summer. The post over on the FB Group reads as follows:

Please see the attached file (pdf) for the Summer 2015 ride plan rotation.
I have tried to accommodate people as best as I can. The people who put themselves forward for our away day rides can look at the dates and pick one out. I’ve added some of the known events a few are riding and made some suggestions regarding them being our away days.
If your dates don’t suit then please arrange a swap with another person on the rotation.
If you haven’t done so already please read:
In short ride leaders please post a route up mid week (Wednesday ideally) so people can choose what they want to do and plan accordingly. Also note as our groups are getting larger (all rides) we will split into sub-groups by ability/mood at the start of the ride. The link above explains. We envisage three or four sub-groups per ride and we will meet up at the café stop.
Here’s to a great and safe summer of riding :)

Work is currently under-way to have this available online  Рin the interim this reference will remain here, and prints nicely for sticking on the fridge/imoveable-hard-to-lose-item-of-choice.