The names are in, the rota has been pulled together – many thanks to Daren for organising this.
Usual common sense applies – if you are unable to make a session you are down for – let the others know in advance.
The routes will be posted to the Open FB group in advance.
This is the draft – updated and current versions can be found within the group.
It is going to be a great Winter : )
VC MELYD Winter Rotation 2014/15 – Sunday Rides – “faster” group.

  • Mark Allen (MA)
  • Darren Wareing (DLW)
  • Sally Cunliffe (SC)
  • Alex Clewett (AC)
  • Paul Rutt (PR)
  • Athony Hogbin (AH)
  • Simon Jones (SJ)
  • Donna Warren (DW)
  • Dave Bell (DB)

Sept 2014
28th AC
Oct 2014
5th PR
12th AH
19th SJ
26th DW
Nov 2014
2nd DB
9th MA
16th DLW
23rd SC
30th AC
Dec 2014
7th PR
14th AH
21st SJ
28th DW
Jan 2015
4th DB
11th MA
18th DLW
25th SC
Feb 2015
1st AC
8th PR
15th AH
22nd SJ
March 2015
1st DW
8th DB
15th MA
22nd DLW
29th SC