The 2017 Brass Monkey

The 2017 Brass Monkey

This prestigious event is almost upon us. The New Years Day 9 mile Time Trial.

Traditionally involving a strong degree of not taking yourselves too seriously – as a weeks worth of family, food, beverage, keeping odd hours,  do battle with the weather as you drag yourself around the 9 mile Denbigh Course. Fancy dress is optional but encouraged – and further sets the tone for a winner as a formality as much as anything else : )

So – want to start off 2017 with a blast – and feeling the roughest you have felt in a while after only nine miles? Well just walk this way!

What do you need to know?


New Years Day, Sunday 1st January, 2017


Sign On Before – 1245hrs

Event Starts – 1300hrs


St Marcella’s Church – Off the bypass roundabout – road to Llandurnog.


Church to Llandurnog, left across to the main road, left at Blue Hand Corner back towards Denbigh, left again onto the bypass, left back to the church. Nine Miles.

Fancy Dress

Behold these athletes at the top of their game in their National Costumes… SO PROUD.


*but alas no “come and try option” so CT affiliated club membership is necessary.

Time Trial – Round 3 – D1/9

Time Trial – Round 3 – D1/9

A well attended evening for the third in this years TT series, with favourable conditions resulting in a large number of notable performances.

Amongst the achievements for the evening were:

  • Dan Evans setting a new course record of 19 min 33 seconds;
  • Ed Woodhead a new age group course record for Youth B of 27 min 55 seconds;
  • Sally Cunliffe a new age group course record Vet Lady C of 25 min 24 seconds;

A welcome to the event to Donna Warren, and Simon Hall for their first time around the course.

Well done everyone, and a thank you to those who helped support the event yesterday.


Round 3 – 9 Mile TT – D1/9

Wind speed Very Light Surface condition Dry Date 20160412
Wind direction N Temperature 11 Course code D1/9
Air pressure 1005
Position Name Category Club (s) Time PB Points
1 Dan Evans Senior Team Elite 19.33 CR
2 Morgan Hughes Junior Pro Vision SJ/Rhyl CC 21.30 x 30
3 Dave Watt Vet-A Team Elite/VC Melyd 21.33 x 29
4 David Griffiths Vet-A MTRT/VC Melyd 21.46 28
5 Rhion Morgan Senior Rhyl CC 22.36 x 27
6 Tom Brereton Senior Team Elite/VC Melyd 22.48 x 26
7 Tom Davies Youth A Rhyl CC 23.01 x 25
8 Rhys Wainwright Senior VC Melyd 23.07 x 24
9 David Bell Senior VC Melyd 23.09 x 23
10 Tim Buckley Vet-A VC Melyd 23.35 22
11 Nic Wright Vet-B Rhyl CC 23.56 21
12 Paul Christie Senior Team Elite 24.09
13 Simon Hall Vet-A VC Melyd 24.19 FT 20
14 Richard Ashcroft Vet-A Rhyl CC 24.21 x 19
15 Hywel Lloyd Senior Rhyl CC 25.04 x 18
16 Simon Price Vet-B VC Melyd 25.05 17
17 David Fanning Vet-B Clwb Beicio Bala 25.11
18 Jessica Roberts Senior Lady Team Elite 25.18
19 Sally Cunliffe Vet Lady-C VC Melyd 25.24 x 16
20 Reece Lessiter Junior VC Melyd 26.00 x 15
21 Tim Erasmus Vet-B Rhyl CC 26.06 14
22 Dylan Roberts Senior Wrecsam Tri 26.24
23 Paul Singleton Vet-B Rhyl CC 27.08 13
24 Andy Malcolm Vet-B VC Melyd 27.44 12
25 Edward Woodhead Youth B Rhyl CC 27.55 x 11
26 Fran Hoare Vet Lady-B Rhyl CC/VC Melyd 28.03 10
27 Katie Dawson Vet Lady-A VC Melyd 28.07 9
28 Donna Warren Vet Lady-A VC Melyd 28.54 FT 8
The Brass Monkey TT 2016

The Brass Monkey TT 2016

The “Brass Monkey” Time Trial takes place on the 1st of January, and is different to the others in the VC Melyd and Rhyl Cycling Club’s series because it thoughtfully starts at 2pm, enabling recovery from the previous night’s New Year’s Eve celebrations (if applicable!) and enabling the event to finish before darkness falls. Another difference is that it is a bit of fun, with riders encouraged to dress up. Seen here are Steve Sharp, Andy Malcolm and Steve Lovibond.

brass monkey fancy dress

What a way to start the New Year – on the bike, fresh air, exercise with a bit of excitement and socialising thrown in. Nine miles of hell followed by relief on finishing.

This year, after every rider had signed on and paid, we set off in that order i.e. first to sign on was first to start – all 23 of us. The course starts near St Marcella Church on Whitchurch Road, Denbigh.

After warming up, riders stood with their in number order, nattering nervously whilst waiting to set off at one minute intervals. There is the option to be ‘held up’ by one of the volunteer helpers, with both feet clipped into the pedals, facilitating a quick get-away. Descending from the start, across the River Clwyd and then the unwelcome climb of “The Wall” to the Llandyrnog Roundabout. That’s the worst hill done.

Now for the ups and downs of the road to Aberwheeler. Swiftly down to the Mold Denbigh Road and half the route is done. Quick glance at Garmin and a tad of mental arithmetic gives the realisation that at this pace last year’s time might be beaten.

Keeping the left turn theme going and we are on the Denbigh by-pass. Into the wind. Struggle. Push – hard – legs – lungs – please! Last year’s time in the bag – now, can the next target be beaten? Nearly there. Last roundabout and go, go, go to the finish. Shout out number to the helpers so the time can be noted.

After the riders finished, consumed mince pies, packed bikes into cars and swapped TT stories, the results are read out in reverse order by Ashley.

The 2016 winner was Simon Parkinson in a time of 23 minutes 26 seconds who has custody of the trophy, until next year.

A great event, full of fun and a sense of occasion as the New Year starts.

Wind speed Fresh Surface condition Damp Date 01/01/16  
Wind direction SSE Temperature 5 Course code D1/9  
Air pressure 992mb        
Position Name Category Club (s) Time PB Points
1 Simon Parkinson Senior VCM 06:14 N 30
2 Nic Wright Vet-B RCC 02:38 N 29
3= Tom Davies Youth A RCC & VCM 06:57 N 28
3= Graham Stephenson Vet-B RCC 06:57 N 28
5 David Bell Senior VCM 07:55 Y 26
6 Chris Williams Senior VCM 13:12 N 25
7 Dave Tudor Junior VCM 01:12 N 24
8 Ben Hughes Senior RCC 03:21 N 23
9 David Fanning Vet-B CBW 12:28 N N/A
10 Justin Lewis Vet-A VCM 00:00 N 22
11 Becky Hoare Senior Lady Army & RCC 07:12 N 21
12 Fran Hoare Vet Lady-B VCM & RCC 12:00 N 20
13 Gareth Hughes Vet-A RCC 12:28 N 19
14 Sally Cunliffe Vet Lady-C VCM 13:12 N 18
15 Steve Lovibond Vet-B RCC 01:40 N 17
16 Edward Woodhead Youth B RCC 11:31 FT 16
17 Steve Sharp Vet-B VCM 04:48 N 15
18 Tim Erasmus Vet-B RCC 07:55 N 14
19 Peter Hughes Vet-C RCC 06:28 N 13
20 Sarah Bayliss Vet Lady-A RCC 13:26 N 12
21 Andy Malcolm Vet-B VCM 06:57 N 11
22 Sparrow Harrison Vet-D RCC 01:55 N 10