Brass Monkey Results

Brass Monkey Results

Heads still hazy from the night before, a week of excess, and the lure of a fancy dress event.

This year starting earlier to allow for more people should they turn up – twenty  riders took part in this year’s VC Melyd & Rhyl CC Brass Monkey Time Trial.

Nine miles of joy, four celsius, damp roads, and first time riders.

Twenty Seventeen is under way.

Brass Monkey – New Years Day – 2017

Wind speed Light/Moderate Surface condition Damp Date 20170101
Wind direction N Temperature 4 Course code D1/9
Air pressure 1022
Position Name Category Club (s) Time PB Points
1 Rhion Morgan Senior Rhyl CC 23.38 30
2 Ian Kneale Vet-A Ruthin CC 24.09
3 Nic Wright Vet-B Rhyl CC 24.55 29
4 Simon Parkinson Senior MTRT/VC Melyd 25.06   28
5 Richard Evans Vet-A Wrexham-Fibrax CC 25.51
6 David Fanning Vet-B Rhyl CC 25.57 27
7 Sally Cunliffe Vet Lady-C VC Melyd 26.21 26
8 Becky Hoare Senior Lady Army CU/Rhyl CC 26.26 25
9 Richard Ashcroft Vet-A Rhyl CC 27.02 24
10 Finley Douglas Youth B Rhyl CC 27.44 FT 23
11 David Henley Vet-B Rhyl CC 27.47 FT 22
12 Josh Morris Senior Liverpool Phoenix 28.08
13 Tim Erasmus Vet-B Rhyl CC 28.48 21
14 Edward Woodhead Youth B Rhyl CC 29.01 20 40 sec penalty ( late )
15 Fran Hoare Vet Lady-B Rhyl CC 29.26 19
16 Isaac Lawrence Youth B Rhyl CC 29.48 FT 18
17 Ella Oldfield Youth A Girl MTRT 32.10
18 Andy Malcolm Vet-C VC Melyd 32.53   17
19 Peter Hughes Vet-C Rhyl CC 32.56 16
20 Sparrow Harrison Vet-D Rhyl CC 45.00 15

The 2017 Brass Monkey

The 2017 Brass Monkey

This prestigious event is almost upon us. The New Years Day 9 mile Time Trial.

Traditionally involving a strong degree of not taking yourselves too seriously – as a weeks worth of family, food, beverage, keeping odd hours,  do battle with the weather as you drag yourself around the 9 mile Denbigh Course. Fancy dress is optional but encouraged – and further sets the tone for a winner as a formality as much as anything else : )

So – want to start off 2017 with a blast – and feeling the roughest you have felt in a while after only nine miles? Well just walk this way!

What do you need to know?


New Years Day, Sunday 1st January, 2017


Sign On Before – 1245hrs

Event Starts – 1300hrs


St Marcella’s Church – Off the bypass roundabout – road to Llandurnog.


Church to Llandurnog, left across to the main road, left at Blue Hand Corner back towards Denbigh, left again onto the bypass, left back to the church. Nine Miles.

Fancy Dress

Behold these athletes at the top of their game in their National Costumes… SO PROUD.


*but alas no “come and try option” so CT affiliated club membership is necessary.