Sunday Ride 12th November 2017

Sunday Ride 12th November 2017

Thank you to Alan for this one – he has made it available on Strava here. The route takes in 50.9 miles and 4,083ft of climbing. Heading up to Cilcain before crossing back over the Clywidian range to drop down the Clwyd Gate and into Ruthin for a cafe stop. The return route heads back via the 5mile TT route back to Denbigh, and then for those who require more up through Denbigh to Henllan or back via the bypass and both routes rejoining at Trefnant.

“Suggested ride for Sunday 12/11 depending on weather we could extend over Moel-y-crio. Leaving Saints at 9 am.” — Alan Overson, Founder.

The weather is due to be at best – poor – but *likely* to be dry. Five to six degrees – but with the North Wind reduces this to a “feels like freezing” – so dress cozy : )

Sunday Ride, 15th October 2017

Sunday Ride, 15th October 2017

This weeks ride is from the Legendary Alan Overson. 57 miles and 4,958ft of climbing. It can be found here on Strava.

The route heads out towards Gronant, so will not be stopping to collect at Rhuddlan.

Heading out through Trelogan, Holywell, Halkyn, to Mold, then the long ascent through Llanferres to the Lanarmon yn lal, then back down Shelf Lite before heading back to Ruthin.

Changes to the route may be made once underway.

The weather is due to be calm and warm, and the route is not expected to be afflicted by pockets of rain and mud as Saturday has been.

For further information or questions – contact the FB group and post on the suggested route. There is one ride planned this Sunday – so this is for all abilities – be there.




Both routes – Sunday 12th February

Both routes – Sunday 12th February

Thank you to Graeme for this weeks route – 62 miles and 5,500ft of climbing, available on Strava.

The route has a number of turn back points including post Orme, and post Sychnant.

Those of you with Speedplay pedals and lacking the ability to levitate would be well advised to take FULL COVERS with them if they are intended to do the Sychnant Pass climb, as the coastal path stretch from the Conwy will very likely involve walking on sand.

My turn to plan for Sunday this week, so let’s try a coastal classic – Great Orme and Sychnant. Progressively bigger hills as the route goes on, but some options for cutting short depending on weather (or fitness!). Cafe in Conwy – after the Sychnant – you have to earn your cake! 9.30 from Saints, 9.45 at Rhuddlan. See you Sunday.” — Graeme Peacock

12th February – 54 miles / 3121ft

12th February – 54 miles / 3121ft

This week’s route takes us down the Vale of Clwyd once again. The route is 54.9 miles in length, and climbs 3,121ft – and can be found on Strava.

This route takes in four loops, and starts at Saints Gym Meliden, before picking up at Rhuddlan, and heading back on itself out towards the Waen, through Trefnant, top road to Denbigh, the steep way to Henllan, with the highest point being at Groes, before dropping back down to Denbigh.

The Five course to Llandyrnog, along to Llanfair DC, before Ruthin, Rhewl for the back way through Llanynys, and off to Llanrhaeadr before dropping back down to Denbigh again before home via the main road to St Asaph and bypass home.

Guess what – I’m on the rota again this Sunday – weather looking very cold and windy, so trying to stay low – kicking off at 9.30am from Saints, Nature Reserve at 9.45am – see you then.” — Mark Allen (Club Secretary)


5th February – 52mile / 3,168ft

5th February – 52mile / 3,168ft

This route provided by Mark this week. The route can be found on Strava here. Collecting at Rhuddlan, and heading towards the S Bends before taking the 5 course to Llandyrnog. With the turn for Pentrecelyn then back via the fast road from Ruthin, Llanrhaeder and back. The course is 52 miles in length and 3,168ft of climbing.

Hi all – my turn to plan & lead the ride for this Sunday. A fresh route that should work for all – not too hilly with link options if needed. So a good steady route, 50 miles and no serious climbing, everyone welcome. Cafe stop for those that want one at Ruthin, leaving Saints at 9.30am and a Rhuddlan pick up about 9.45am – weather looking ok, but cool – see you all on Sunday.” — Mark Allen (Club Secretary)

29th January – 50mile / 3,528ft

29th January – 50mile / 3,528ft

This weeks ride is bought to us by Sally. The route avoids Rhuddlan, and heads to Tremerchion, and down the West side of the range, then back via Caerwys after  turning at Llandegla to head back. The main climb is around Graig Fechan. The route can be found on Strava here.

A swap in the ride rota means it is my turn to plan the route for this Sunday 29th Jan. Towards Ruthin, Pentrecelyn, Llanarmon yn Lal, Cilcain. Leave Saints at 9.30am. NO Rhuddlan collection.” — Sally Cunliffe (Membership Secretary).

*This route was not ridden – and a flatter faster route to Conwy was chosen, before Sychnant Pass and back. This was due to ice at all heights.

Sunday Ride Rota Q1 2017

Sunday Ride Rota Q1 2017

The VC Meldy Sunday Social ride rota is in place for the the beginning of the year, Q1, Winter, call-it-what-you-will. There is to be one ride for all – so routes are to be achievable by both the intermediate and the faster group. Pace dictated by the group – and route changes obviously possible if the weather dictates. Initial meeting at Saints Gymnasium, Meliden – and possible collections at Rhuddlan 15 minutes later *IF* the route goes that way. The ride starts at 0930 is around 50 miles. If you are thinking of joining in – get in touch.

Week 1 / 8th January / Sally

Week 2 / 15th January / Donna

Week 3 / 22nd January / Vic

Week 4 / 29th January / Graeme

Week 5 / 5 th February / Darren

Week 6 / 12th February / Mark

Week 7 / 19th February / Sally

Week 8 / 26th February / Donna

Week 9 / 5th March / Vic

Week 10 / 12th March / Graeme

Conveniently also available in the original format – a print-out-and-magnet-to-the-fridge-version here 2017 Winter VCM ride rota .

Sunday Social to Great Orme – 26th November

Sunday Social to Great Orme – 26th November

A route offered up by Sally for this weekend given the frost that remained on the ground since last nights hard freeze. This can be  found for review or download to your GPS device at Strava here.

The route takes in around 51 miles (there is a repetition error at the end on Strava) and around 3500ft of climbing.

Not going, or more importantly – staying – too high, and keeping on well used roads reducing the risk. Tomorrow looks warmer than today – and we look forward to seeing you out.