VC Melyd youth rider is Team Sky mascot

VC Melyd youth rider is Team Sky mascot

This week saw the the Tour of Britain 2016 Stage 4 come to Denbigh. While the event itself whipped the cycling community into a mild state of euphoria – for one particular VC Melyd rider – it was a very… very …special event – as Layla Bradbrook was the Team Sky mascot for the day.

This is not a name from a hat kind of affair – this in reflection of her commitment to her sport as the Team Sky website goes on to point out:

Layla, 9

Layla was nominated by her club for her ‘fantastic and tenacious attitude’ towards cycling, exemplified by the fact she’s at every Thursday night Go Ride coaching session, come rain or shine.

Layla said: “I have tried extremely hard and attended nearly every session, I have been polite and helped out at the Go Ride sessions. I have made new friends and this makes racing fun. I always try my best when I’m racing which I really love.


Tour of Britain comes to Denbigh

Tour of Britain comes to Denbigh

Wednesday morning saw traffic re routed, roads closed, barriers and stages put up, and Denbigh become a Mecca to local cyclists. Today – the Tour of Britain came to town – and all the spectacle that comes with that.

With a 1030am start the top of the High Street Denbigh became the hub of all the excitement, as riders, pulling a variety of faces as they rode up the hill from their caravans and coaches up to the stage to sign on.

With Layla and her Dad down to visit team Sky and be mascot for the day, Justin and Anthony in the VIP enclosure – we had a great view of the amassed locals in kit, Rhos, Lon Las Loonies, Melyd, Rhyl amidst the heaving crowds.

The spectacle of signing on, and posing for team photos in order of team took place, with all the usual suspects, hero’s, and some pretty amazing moustaches it would seem – before assembling for a sedate roll off at the start.

A group of the club members then went on to collect at A&D’s Sam’s Cafe before heading off for a ride for the remains of the day… the type with lots of café and pub stops. What a perfect day – and such great weather for it.


Welsh Cycling Member Survey 2016

Welsh Cycling Member Survey 2016

Welsh Cycling have opened the Member Perception Survey for 2016.

They are looking to identify what riders experience while cycling in Wales and their perception of how Welsh Cycling is involved with this.

They want to improve their understanding of the cycling community in Wales, and look at how they can support clubs, members and volunteers.

All those that complete the survey by Wednesday 1 September will be entered in to a draw to win a pair of VIP tickets to the Tour of Britain.

Please complete by Wednesday 1st September for a chance to win a pair of VIP hospitality tickets to the Tour of Britain.

Help us to grow our sport together.

Sunday 6th September ’15

Sunday 6th September ’15

There is a non-Strava based route planned for this weekend – organised by everyone’s favourite Luddite / technology rejecter Steve Sharp. The ride will be cycling over to Snowdonia to catch the Tour of Britain as it passes through.

Traditionally this will involve stops for “sustenance” along the way. However be advised, as waiting around will be involved, ensure you are not winging-it on a weather front.

Day out planned next Sunday to see TOB on Llanberis pass, 8am from saints or 8.30 @ Waen Gate.  A sociable club event is envisaged which should appeal to most members due to the time allocated.  The full loop is about 90 miles with all day to do it-the same ride I arranged two years ago.  Café and pub stops planned.” — Steve Sharp

The weather is currently looking dry – if a little cool – it should be a good day out. Thank you Steve for organising this.