Autumn Winter 2017 – Tuesday Night Rides

Autumn Winter 2017 – Tuesday Night Rides

Following our recent post regarding the change to the evening ride schedule to introduce both Wednesday AND now Tuesday again for Autumn / Winter 2017. Here follows is a little more information about what a typical ride involves. It can be a little offputting to let yourself in for something that you are not entirely sure what it is going to involve – so here are two examples to fill you in.

TUESDAY NIGHT / EVENING are intended as a social ride, an excuse to get out together as a group, ride, talk, generally enjoy ourselves.

The last two weeks have seen average speeds of 14mph, routes between 22 and 29 miles, and 1,200ft and 1600ft of climbing. Routes will obviously depend on weather conditions but a traditional uphill and downhill format seems to be the current go-to. Rides are around two hours on average.

What do you need? Lights for one thing. If you do not have lamps capable of ‘drying the tarmac in front of you’ or ‘setting fire to the rider in front’ – DO NOT FRET, riding around in a collective pool of light is surprisingly good – and not just because you cannot see the climb ahead. A priority, however (beyond being road legal, dressed for the weather etc.), is a good, visible rear lamp (with a spare if you have one) as being seen more of a concern than seeing where you are going half the time when riding in a mixed group in formation.

Rides start from the car park of Saints Gym, Meliden at 1830hrs – and routes vary.

Any questions do not hesitate to get in touch over on the Facebook page. The more, the merrier* – quite literally.

*Stop for refreshments in St. Asaph optional on way back.


Last Tuesday night Road Ride of 2013

Last Tuesday night Road Ride of 2013

What is the right thing to do when it’s 1C out? That’s right – knock almost 4 mins off a Strava segment you ride almost daily, set your lungs on fire and enjoy the company of good people while failing to meet the requirement of “smart casual” by a country mile. Here is to cycling, inebriation, and achievement: 2014 is going to be a corker.

A good turn out for a Tuesday night – specifically one where the skies had cleared, the wind had dropped, and a full moon cast a palid shade on anything not alight under headlamps and red strobes – it generally had proper cold written all over it in a heavy set bold font. This it delivered by the bucket load.

Only two flats, at Pengwern Hall, and the Glascoed Road turn was a blessing of sorts – especially given the burning lungs from storming pace set up the Abergele Road – a welcome break if anything.

It had been a fair few years since I last headed out on a weeknight club ride – and had forgotten what it was like. The short ride, the elevated tempo, the dancing shadows, the general glow, continually mistaking clubmates as cars… and the judging how far behind the rider chasing you was by the shadows you cast. It was a night for burning lungs, and then a rolling cold descent down to the Plough for a brief yet welcome huddle around the table – recovery drinks of choice in hand, talking about bikes, holidays, and stuff.

Thankfully no one was tempted to make off with a bike with silly pedals on a night where cycle computers were registering 1C descending into St Asaph…. and my initial concerns over the sign outside stating smart and casual dispelled as we walked past a group where matching ill fitting football shorts…. it was in fact a damn fine evening out – and a credit to Steve Sharp – who devised and organised. For those who made the special effort to be there thank you also, and those who didn’t – look at what you could have won. We few – we merry few – we band of [sisters|brothers]…. (etc.).

So – the 27th – who is with us?