The Fred Whitton Challenge. Not the kind of event you bring up in polite conversation.
Wisely named as a challenge as opposed to a sportive – a self proclaimed Le Marmott . This is 112 miles with 10,800ft of climbing through the picturesque Lake District with such ‘memorable’ gentle ascents as the Kirkstone, Honister, Newlands, Whinlatter, Wrynose & Hardknott (an absolute gem at 100 miles). All adding up to be one of the most challenging group start events in the UK with distance, steep gradients, winding descents, and a history of terrible weather.
So … obviously in the tradition of “seemed like a good idea at the time” – VCM put forward a number of teams and individual entries into the ballot. Confirmations on success were sent out on the 10th January 2015.
The following names made the ballot. These 13 brave souls piped up on social media with an initial “GREAT SUCCESS” followed by an almost immediate and universal “… WHAT ON EARTH HAVE I DONE“.
As a distant church bell chimes and croaking crows flap into the distance – the following ponder the challenge ahead. We would like to wish them good luck in their preparation.

1. Julie A,
2. Mark A,
3. Jason A,
4. Sally C,
5. Anthony H,
6. Fran H,
7. Dan L,
8. Simon J,
9. Victor M,
10. Greg P,
11. Simon P,
12. Paul R,
13. Donna W.

A full list of lucky souls can be found on their site – along with a breakdown of the route for those who are interested.