As many of you will have noticed the recent article in the Rhyl Journal.
Richard, of VC Melyd fame could be found riding from Lands End to John O’Groats earlier in the summer (LEJoG) – a journey of just over a thousand miles – raising money for charity. It’s a hell of an adventure… a long sportive, every day, for weeks –
… and it is not too late to donations can be made by texting the amount you want to donate to DCTC01, or by searching ‘CashieCycleUK14’ at . You can also catch up with his full adventure at Cashie The Cat’s LEJoG Charity Bike Ride blog.
Forever the man of words – these were gleaned cheekily from the fine article….

“It was an incredibly hard process, especially the first two days, but we raised a considerable amount so all the effort and hard work has been worth it.
“We trained for six months prior to this cycle and that ended up being the hardest part of the challenge, as over that period I probably took in over 10,000 miles on the road.”
“It was a great experience to go to the Velodrome for an hour and get the chance to cycle along some of the best athletes in the UK.”
“The gala dinner was a wonderful night, and we raised £13,000 for the cause from that night alone, which was amazing.”
— Richard Adison