After initial suspicions that club rides would require cottered cranks, and acceptable cycle computers, were to be the type with the numbered dials that go on your fork leg down by the hub… our Glorious Leader has stepped forward to address these wild and outlandish claims and set out a route map for the year ahead under his expert supervision.
These very words were hand cherished by His Excellence earlier today:

I felt it appropriate to post my thoughts following becoming Chairman of VC Melyd, I have been an active member of the club for over ten years after a protracted history of riding bikes. Since joining the club I have met and continue to meet some very good folk who dedicate plenty of their own time to promote our sport and club in a positive fashion. The diversity within the club has greatly increased over the last few years and the governance has improved in tandem with this. Our membership numbers are healthy and we are able to facilitate ongoing coaching sessions and to host race series earlier in the year. I hope we can continue to develop as a club and being an active member will become the norm. Within my tenure I hope to galvanise the club with the support of a good team, the committee works hard to address and support the club and in my view if we can please most members most of the time that’s a good job. I hope to be a member of a club that essentially ride bikes and has fun but who also pull together when necessary to support events. As many of you know IT is not my bag and typing is an arduous task for me. To summarise I feel honoured and privileged to be Chairman of VC Melyd, I hope to cultivate a sense of positivity, honesty and closer links with other clubs locally. Here’s  to the year ahead, best wishes to you and yours.

–Steve Sharp, El Presidente

In other exciting cabinet reshuffles the following changes have been made to the committee:
Welfare – With Our Glorious Leader stepping down and mounting his throne – Sarah Overson will be increasing her roll as welfare officer;
Social – Sally Cunliffe is stepping down after a fabulous year at the head of the VC Melyd social machine, to be replaced by Alex Clewett, ‘in-a-club-style’;
Membership –  Now keeping her finger on the pulse of who has and not paid as well as keeping our collective paperwork pristine – Sally Cunliffe.
Go Ride – Pete Lessiter is stepping up as our representative for the little people.
I think it is fair to say that we are all very grateful for their continued service… and here is to a 2017 of happiness and productivity for the collective.