The 2022 Velo Club Melyd Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Date :- 03/02/2022

Time :- 7.00pm

Location :-Held on Zoom

The club is made up of its supporting members, and this is one of those occasions where your voice can be heard. Get involved, have a voice, support your club, find out where we are, and where we are going. Help guide us to be a better club for 2020.

Announced on the VC Melyd Facebook page – the AGM event was posted, where you can register your availability/interest in going.

Amongst other topics to be covered, there is the re-election of committee members and three positions that are looking for new charges.

At the time of writing the agenda stood as the below. Should you have any issues, questions, or similar – do not hesitate to raise them.

  1. Introduction
  2. Committee Members for 2022
  3. Club Overview 2022
  4. Go Ride
  5. Club Rides (Weekly)
  6. 2022 ‘Events Plan’
  7. Other Business