Annual General Meeting – Get involved

Annual General Meeting – Get involved

The 2017 Velo Club Melyd Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be taking place between 1900 and 2200hrs on Wednesday 22nd November at Marsh Tracks, Glan Y Morfa Industrial Estate, Marsh Road, Rhyl, LL18 2AD .

The club is made up of its supporting members, and this is one of those occasions where your voice can be heard. Get involved, have a voice, support your club, find out where we are, and where we are going. Help guide us to be a better club for 2018.

Announced today on the VC Melyd Facebook page – the AGM event was posted, where youIcan register your availability/interest in going.

“A reminder to all paid up club members, your clubs AGM is on Wednesday 22nd Nov. 19.00 at Marsh Tracks, Rhyl. A productive and informal meeting is envisaged as far as i am concerned.Your contributions will be welcomed.” — Steve Sharp, Club Chairman.

Amongst other topics to be covered, there is the re-election of committee members and three positions that are looking for new charges.

At the time of writing the agenda stood as the below. Should you have any issues, questions, or similar – do not hesitate to raise them with Mark using the AGM page.

1. Club Overview

Working through what the club has delivered in 2017, membership, events, so on.

2. Financial Update

A rundown of the finances of the club, where we are, what 2017 saw, and moving forward.

3. Committee Members

The holders of the current positions are stepping down, so we will require new holders for these rolls. Should you wish to nominate, or volunteer, let the club secretary (Mark Allen) know before the 17th November.

– Women’s Development Secretary;
– Social Secretary;
– Junior Secretary.

4. Open discussion for the Club plans for 2018

to include, but not limited to –
Club volunteers & Coaches – as always we need a little more help for 2018 – how can we address this;
Plans for 2018 race support – do we continue to support the KoM series, Welsh Cycling Road & TT Champs and Marsh Tracks;
Our financial position is stable – can we identify non grant aided projects that we can support to benefit the club members – ideas, please;
Spring training camps – ‘Train in Spain’ or self-supported;
2018 away days/weekends – suggestions.

All Change: Winter Evening Rides

All Change: Winter Evening Rides

As the evenings draw in, and longer, warmer kit and lights are putting in appearances it is time to review the VC Melyd Winter Riding Schedule.

Through the summer we had seen a move to Wednesday evening social rides. These allowed those who wanted to compete in the TT events and also get in a social ride during the week the evening afterwards – and vice versa.

The move is now to two rides during the week:

TUESDAY NIGHT RIDE – 1830hrs Saints Gym, Meliden – social ride.

WEDNESDAY NIGHT RIDE – 1830hrs Waen Gate*, Waen – higher tempo for a loop of the vale.

Do check in with Facebook for specifics on a week by week basis… turnout obviously dependant on YOU and others just like you. Don’t be a fair weather rider!

This brings the week to the following shape:

Monday night – Ladies Track Session (no lights), Marsh Tracks, Rhyl.

Tuesday night Social Ride (lights), 1830hrs, Saints Gym, Meliden.

Wednesday nightHigher Tempo Ride (lights), 1830hrs, Waen Gate.

Thursdsay night – Junior track session, 1800-1900hrs, Marsh Tracks, Rhyl.

Saturday day – Ladies Ride (although mixed turn out) – with cafe stop;

Sunday day – Classic club ride all speeds welcome – with cafe stop;

Be considerate out there people – if you are not running mudguards yet, it may be time to start thinking about it!

“There is new ride planning from October, we will revert back to Tuesday night social ride from Saints @ 18.30. In addition, a Wednesday night ride is planned at a higher tempo (but not a chain gang). The Wednesday ride will meet at Waen Gate @ 18.30 and do a set loop of the Vale with various opt-outs available. A chain gang session is also envisaged at some point. Hopefully, this plan will encompass a wide cross-section of members and maintain the impetus of winter riding. I propose a reccy of vale loop tomorrow evening meeting at Waen Gate .” — Steve Sharp (Club President)

Note: *Waen Gate‘ is the car park next to the roundabout/sliproad that provides exit/access to the Eastboundound.

VC Melyd Annual Awards

VC Melyd Annual Awards


“This year’s annual award ceremony will be held at the Bod Erw in St Asaph on Friday 1st December.The junior presentations will run from 6pm until 7.30 pm with food and entertainment.The adults will convene at 7.30 for an evening of merriment, the cost per adult is £20 to include a hot buffet and a ceilidh band.Payment should be made in advance via cheque or bank transfer, bank details available from treasurer Nick Rowlands.No cash on the night as places will have been pre-booked.Please let Nick know of any dietary requirements upon payment.” — Mark Allen (Club Secretary)

More information on this can be found here as a link from the main VCM Facebook Page.

VC Melyd Reliability Ride 2017

VC Melyd Reliability Ride 2017

Event Overview

This reliability ride is a challenging, scenic and undulating ride in beautiful North Wales. The route encompasses little known lanes and valleys. The route is 46 miles and 5200ft of climbing.


This event has Two objectives: Firstly to raise funds for charity (Breast Cancer). Secondly to enjoy a secluded ride through unspoilt country side affording you the opportunity to assess your fitness levels in anticipation of the season ahead.


This term is historic and dates back to the early years of the 20th Century when equipment was less robust, roads poorly sign posted, and mobile phones were none existent.

Advisory Notes

Due to the challenging and rural nature of this ride low geared winter bikes are advised (not the day to bring out your shiny carbon steed!). There are no cafes on the route so be prepared with adequate nutrition. No back up arranged so you are fully responsible for any mechanical issues

Event Date & Location

This ride is on Sunday 2nd April 2017, HQ is on Saint Asaph Common, entrance next to Fountain garage LL17 0RF. Sign on from 8.30 am, £5.00 minimum entrance fee (all donations to Charity). Post ride refreshments available. Please make your interest known on the VCM FB Group – along with any questions.

Route Information

With a change to the usual signs or road markings this year we have embraced technology and the route is available via Strava. Many thanks to Greg who has plotted the route for us and saved it as a route on his account. So without further ado here is the VC Meldy 2017 Reliability Trial route.

Wednesday: The new Tuesday

Wednesday: The new Tuesday

Soon enough March will be upon us. The current ride rota for Sunday will run dry, the current smattering of Snowdops and early blossom will have given way to light in the evenings, and Spring… oh, and obviously riding without a-million-layers-lamps-batteries-mudguards and (far less) road filth. “Rejoice!

To mix things up a little this year, and to help support the VCM & RCC 2017 Time Trial Series, should people wish to ride it… the Tuesday night rides are moving to Wednesday’s. Still the same start point. Still the same time. …and the same award winning company.

Wednesday’s, 1830hrs Saints Gym car Park, Meliden, Denbighshire.

Route and pace dictated by those in attendance.

35 mile’s ish (probably).

Wednesday… the new Tuesday.

This, along with the return to 9am start for the Sunday rides is not due to start until March – so be excited, but wait until March. In the interim… Tuesday nights… lights, come join us.

The following announcement was made by our Glorious Leader earlier this week:

At the last committee meeting it was agreed to change the evening ride from a Tuesday to a Wednesday commencing 1st March.The logic being to add support and participation in TT league,also to hopefully expand volunteer numbers when we host race series at Marsh Tracks,(Ride cancelled on Wednesdays we host).I have already had mixed views on this plan which is to be expected,The committee continue to aim to please most people most of the time.” — Steve Sharp (Club Chairman).

*N.B. Stuck on Wednesdays, still want to ride Tuesday’s, want to know if others are out? Sure, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Text, Phone call, Post… organise an unofficial ride. This is not the harbinger of doom or the end of days – it is a trial, and other options do exist : )

VC Melyd & Rhyl CC Time Trial Calendar 2017

VC Melyd & Rhyl CC Time Trial Calendar 2017

Following the season opening Brass Monkey event on New Years Day we are now to present the North Wales Time Trial Calendar for the Velo Club Melyd & Rhyl Cycling Club.

After a great season last year with the usual awards and champions – this year is no exception – a full season to acrue not just personal bests, compete against your clubmates, but also to compete for points and as Club Champion for your specific age group.

New for this year, starting Wednesday 1st of March 2017 we will be moving the usual Tuesday Night Club Ride to Wednesday nights. Thus allowing all those unable to attend to head over and take part as currently this is an issue.

While the Hill Climbs and the longer events may not be for everyone – the Championship Events are worthy of your support – play to your strengths people – and appreciate that lower attendaces mean higher points are up for grabs .. dont let the weather put you off! So lets start with those Championship dates for your diaries.



Club Championship – 50 Mile – Sunday, 4th June

Club Championship – 27 Miles – Tuesday, 27th June

Club Championship – 18 Miles – Tuesday, 18th July

Club Championship – 10 Miles – Tuesday, 4th July

Club Championship – 9 Miles – Tuesday, 1st August

Club Championship – 5 Miles – Tuesday, 8th August

Club Championship – Hill Climb – Tuesday, 22nd August

Club Championship – Hill Climb (Long) – Sunday, 10th September




Sunday, 1st January 2017 – RCC – 9 Miles – D1/9 – 1300hrs – “The Brass Monkey


Tuesday, 11th April 2017 – VCM – 1.32 mile – D0/11 – 1845hrs – “Hill Climb

Tuesday, 18th April 2017 – RCC – 9 mile – D1/9 – 1900hrs

Tuesday, 25th April 2017 – VCM – 9 mile – D1/9 – 1900hrs


Tuesday, 2nd May 2017 – RCC – 5 mile – D1/5 – 1900hrs

Tuesday, 9th May 2017 – VCM – 9 mile – D1/9 – 1900hrs

Tuesday, 16th May 2017 – RCC – 10 mile – D23/10 – 1915hrs

Tuesday, 23rd May 2017 – VCM – 18 mile – D1/9 – 1900hrs

Tuesday, 30th May 2017 – RCC – 2.43 mile – TBA – 1930hrs – “Long Hill Climb


Sunday, 4th June 2017 – VCM – 50 mile – TBA – 0915hrs

Tuesday, 6th June 2017 – RCC – 5 mile – D1/5 – 1900hrs

Tuesday, 13th June 2017 – VCM – 25 mile – D1/25 – 1915hrs

Tuesday, 20th June 2017 – RCC – 18 mile – D1/9 – 1900hrs

Tuesday, 27th June 2017 – VCM – 27 mile – D1/9 – 1900hrs


Saturday, 1st July 2017 – RCC – 0.75 mile – Marsh Tracks – 1300hrs

Tuesday, 4th July 2017 – RCC – 10 mile – D23/10 – 1915hrs

Tuesday, 11th July 2017 – VCM – 5 mile – D1/5 – 1900hrs

Tuesday, 18th July 2017 – RCC – 18 mile – D1/9 – 1900hrs

Tuesday, 25th July 2017 – VCM – 10 mile – D23/10 – 1915hrs

Sunday, 30th July 2017 – RCC – 10 mile – D10/15 – 0700hrs – “Open TT


Tuesday, 1st August – RCC – 9 mile – D1/9 – 1900hrs

Tuesday, 8th August – VCM – 5 mile – D1/5 – 1900hrs

Tuesday, 15th August – RCC – 9 mile – D1/9 – 1900hrs – “Two Up

Sunday, 20th August – VCM – 37 mile – D37/2 – 0830hrs – “Mountain Time Trial

Tuesday, 22nd August – RCC – 1.32 mile – D0/11 – 1900hrs

Tuesday, 29th August – VCM – 9 mile – D1/9 – 1845hrs


Sunday, 3rd September – RCC – 25 mile – D1/25 – 0930hrs

Sunday, 10th September – VCM – 2.43 mile – TBA – 0930 – “Long Hill Climb



D0/11 – Rhuallt Hill (1.32 mile)

TBA – Holywell Road & Rhuallt Hill (2.43 mile)

D1/5 – Denbigh – Llandyrnog

D1/9 – Denbigh – Llanyrnog – Bodfari

D10/15 – St Asaph – Abergele (A55)

D23/10 – Denbigh – Ruthin (10 mile)

D1/25 – Denbigh – Ruthin (25 mile)

TBA – Denbigh – Ruthin (50 mile)

D37/2 – Denbigh – Cerrigydrudion – Ruthin



The definitive source for information is the VC Melyd & Rhyl CC Time Trial Facebook Group. Please post further questions, or discussions there – or for errors here – contact the webmaster.



50% off GSG Club Kit

50% off GSG Club Kit

For those of you who are looking for Velo Club Melyd club kit – but not sure on the fit or the price of the current supplier – why not have a look over the stock list for the last provider we used. Items are available for sizing, so there is no risk – you can try them on. Same destinctive kit and logo – different provider. Simple.

Stock items reduced by 50% – Please message me if you wish to reserve.” — Mandy Rowlands (Kit secretary)

Long sleeve body suit Extra small £40.00
Large £40.00
Bib shorts Large £20.00
Gilet Extra Large £20.00
Large £20.00
Long sleeve Jersey Thermofleece Extra Large £25.00
Large £25.00
Medium £25.00
Long sleeve Winterproof Jacket Small £35.00

Either reach mandy through the VCM Facebook group – or



2017 Membership

2017 Membership

Those who are interested in supporting and being a member of the club – have you renewed your VC Melyd club membership for 2017?

It’s time to renew your membership of VC Melyd, as of 2nd January. If you wish to continue being a member of this ace cycling club please pay via the British Cycling website using this link: .

Alternatively, please message me for details of the club’s bank if you prefer to pay by bank transfer. Thank you.

Sally Cunliffe (Membership Secretary).

You do not need to be a member of British Cycling to sign up using this mechanism. If you are concerned over data security, the admin fee for card processing, of like me just plain prefer it – you can pay using BACS. Any issues – do not hesitate to contact the membership secretary.

Family £25

Adult £15 (over 18)

Junior £10 (under 18)

NB. Do keep in mind if you wish to be included in the points for the time trial season – you will require membership to cover the period you compete.

Sunday Ride Rota Q1 2017

Sunday Ride Rota Q1 2017

The VC Meldy Sunday Social ride rota is in place for the the beginning of the year, Q1, Winter, call-it-what-you-will. There is to be one ride for all – so routes are to be achievable by both the intermediate and the faster group. Pace dictated by the group – and route changes obviously possible if the weather dictates. Initial meeting at Saints Gymnasium, Meliden – and possible collections at Rhuddlan 15 minutes later *IF* the route goes that way. The ride starts at 0930 is around 50 miles. If you are thinking of joining in – get in touch.

Week 1 / 8th January / Sally

Week 2 / 15th January / Donna

Week 3 / 22nd January / Vic

Week 4 / 29th January / Graeme

Week 5 / 5 th February / Darren

Week 6 / 12th February / Mark

Week 7 / 19th February / Sally

Week 8 / 26th February / Donna

Week 9 / 5th March / Vic

Week 10 / 12th March / Graeme

Conveniently also available in the original format – a print-out-and-magnet-to-the-fridge-version here 2017 Winter VCM ride rota .

The 2017 Brass Monkey

The 2017 Brass Monkey

This prestigious event is almost upon us. The New Years Day 9 mile Time Trial.

Traditionally involving a strong degree of not taking yourselves too seriously – as a weeks worth of family, food, beverage, keeping odd hours,  do battle with the weather as you drag yourself around the 9 mile Denbigh Course. Fancy dress is optional but encouraged – and further sets the tone for a winner as a formality as much as anything else : )

So – want to start off 2017 with a blast – and feeling the roughest you have felt in a while after only nine miles? Well just walk this way!

What do you need to know?


New Years Day, Sunday 1st January, 2017


Sign On Before – 1245hrs

Event Starts – 1300hrs


St Marcella’s Church – Off the bypass roundabout – road to Llandurnog.


Church to Llandurnog, left across to the main road, left at Blue Hand Corner back towards Denbigh, left again onto the bypass, left back to the church. Nine Miles.

Fancy Dress

Behold these athletes at the top of their game in their National Costumes… SO PROUD.


*but alas no “come and try option” so CT affiliated club membership is necessary.