Recruiting: Marsh Tracks Race Team

Recruiting: Marsh Tracks Race Team

Not every club are as lucky as VC Melyd in having such great resource such as Marsh Tracks on their doorstep – and currently Marsh Tracks Race Team are recruiting for youth and junior riders.

It is a great club agnostic progression for talented riders of all ages to progress to, receive structured training from the array of coaches we now field, along with others in the area, and progress to compete.

MTRT (Marsh Tracks Race Team) is currently recruiting for youth riders, for Road Racing, Time Trial,  CycloCross, Mountain Bike (MTB), and Cyclocross (CX) so whether it’s something you thought you would like to progress to, or you know someone who would grow with the opportunity – now is the time to apply. The recruitment window is open from Saturday the 22nd of October 2016 until Saturday November the 5th 2016 – and take up is reportedly good, so DO NOT DELAY.

With the post going onto the VCM FB page late in the week – do  get the word out there – it is a great local and shared resource and should be used.

VCM is our primary feeder club and development of young riders is our goal.

–Darren Wareing (VCM/MTRT)

MTRT are Recruiting Youth and Junior Riders

#BehindEveryRace – Commissaire

#BehindEveryRace – Commissaire

Many thanks to Alan Overson for posting this over on the FB Group –

Welsh Cycling confirms Assistant Commissaire Training Courses for autumn 2015 in Wales and border regions.

Assistant Commissaire courses are being offered in the disciplines of BMX, Cyclo Cross, Track and Road with information on date sand locations available here. The entrance point to becoming a Commissaire is on the Assistant Commissaire course. This British Cycling course blends pre course online learning with the face to face delivery of a one day course.

The pre course learning covers areas such as anti-doping, safeguarding and protecting children as well as conflict management.  This enables the day to focus on the roles and responsibilities of a Commissaire, pre, during and post event.

Once candidates have completed the course they will be fully fledged Assistant Commissaires. In order to then progress up the pathway as seen below, practical experience is gained shadowing active volunteers.

For more information head over to British Cycling – with information on location and dates of courses here.

August Wednesdays Go-Ride!

August Wednesdays Go-Ride!

Sessions running every Wednesday in August. Novice and intermediate groups in both disciplines.
Go-Ride Wednesdays through August – junior coaching and skills sessions. See the flier for more information or contact Eirwen Ann Williams for more information.
Sessions start Wednesday 5th August 2015. Marsh Tracks. See you there.
However this is not all! Check out the rest of the calendar – Glan y Gors, Nant Bwlch yr Haearn, Coed y Brenin, Dolgellau … there is plenty to be doing on two wheels this summer holiday in North Wales. Many thanks to everyone involved in delivering this programme.go_ride_2
1st & 2nd place for under 8’s

1st & 2nd place for under 8’s

Many congratulations to our Jnr. members on what has been a great weekend for riding.

Ben and Emma proudly sporting their VC Melyd Jerseys at Tree Tops MTB kids series. Emma first girl under 8 and Ben second boy under 8!! Thanks to Alan Overson for support.” — Lisa Grantham

More on this – including pictures over at the FBG. Join the conversation.

Congratulations on new jobs

Congratulations on new jobs

Many congratulations to both Alan Overson and Mark Allen for their recent announcements regarding positions with Welsh Cycling. I am confident that they will be as much an asset to Welsh Cycling as they are to ourselves.

“I’ve got a new job! Soon to be living the dream of working within cycling as the Development Team Leader for Welsh Cycling. So excited – can’t wait to start. Met the team today for the first time – great bunch of people. Cycling – it’s the way forward!” — Mark Allen

“Excited to say I’ve been offered the job (and accepted) of Regional Youth Coach for Welsh cycling .
Off on my first camp with them next week. Really looking forward to developing on the hard work done by coaches and riders already.” — Alan Overson

Great news, and best of luck with your new appointments.


Youth The Rules… an alternative.

Youth The Rules… an alternative.

We have mentioned cycling and The Rules before – the Velominati, and the alternative set presented previously. Here are some youth specific ones.

Thank you Alan for finding these – a great set of alternative The Rules – intended for Youth Cycling.

To be fair – these are the kinds of things I wish were available when I was younger 😀

I like rules 4 and 38 but most of all my rule ride your bike hard and have fun.” — Alan Overson

I think there is something we can all learn from these. The original was found over at Youth Cycle Sport – well worth checking out. So without further a-do … an alternative The Rules:


Rule #1

The best riders don’t care which bike brand they ride or how much their bike is worth – they just make sure it works well, that it fits them properly, and that it’s clean.

Rule #2

You don’t need the best, most expensive equipment to succeed. If you have a steel bike see how many carbon bikes you can beat…

Rule #3

Learn how your bike works. If there’s a problem in a race you’ll have a better chance of putting it right yourself.

Rule #4

Wear whatever you like, whether that’s team replica kit, flappy shorts and a T-shirt, whatever. Anyone who judges your cycling based on what you’re wearing isn’t worth listening to.

Rule #5

But if you’re a member of a club, do wear your club kit and wear it with pride.


Rule #6

Respect your opponents. Rip each other’s legs off during the race, of course, but shake hands afterwards.

Rule #7

See that rider who got lapped? They’re trying just as hard as you are.

Rule #8

No tantrums please when something hasn’t gone your way. That’s not how things are done in cycling.

Rule #9

The top youth riders still fit their training and racing around school or college – not the other way round.

Rule #10

It’s never too early to put something back into the sport. Offer help to younger riders, help to run your club’s race, help out at coaching sessions.

Rule #11

You’re probably a role model to younger riders without knowing it. Set the best example to them that you can.

Rule #12

Always do your best to finish a race even if it has gone badly. It will help build your character for tough moments in the future. And anyway, deciding to DNF voluntarily becomes a habit.

Rule #13

When the weather’s bad and you don’t fancy going out, remember that no-one returns from a bike ride regretting that they had gone out.

Rule #14

Races and coaching sessions are a privilege. Every now and again remember to thank the organiser, marshals, the people serving in the tea-hut…

Rule #15

Not all teenagers “get” cycling. If friends always give you hassle about your cycling then maybe they’re not such good friends.

Rule #16

Spend time with your non-cycling friends & family. See them at parties, go to the cinema together. Yes, commit to cycling but don’t let it take over your life.

Rule #17

If wanting to fit in at school is stopping you from cycling, or if you want to conform a bit more, those things will seem totally insignificant when you are twenty years old. Ride your bike, for yourself. It will be worth it.

Rule #18

Even if you’re not the fastest rider or the most confident person don’t let yourself be given a label early on. Be brave enough to follow your dreams.

Rule #19

The desire to train and race needs to come from you, not from your parents.

Rule #20

It’s normal to doubt yourself sometimes – even Olympic champions do it.

Rule #21

Hard work will always beat talent if talent doesn’t work hard. Don’t be put off racing if you’re not immediately good at it.

Rule #22

Try to be the best you can be. That doesn’t mean always winning – it means working to get the very best out of yourself.


Rule #23

Yes, have big goals and dreams but stay grounded. Even if you don’t get to the highest level you can still enjoy the sport and be very competitive.

Rule #24

Just because another kid keeps winning doesn’t mean they’re unbeatable. With hard work your time will come.

Rule #25

Just because you keep winning doesn’t mean you’re unbeatable. Other kids will be working hard to beat you.

Rule #26

Forget about race points and the National Youth Rankings – they honestly don’t matter to anyone.

Rule #27

Don’t worry if you’re smaller than other riders your age. Cycling is a sport where being small and light can be an advantage.

Rule #28

Don’t worry if you’re bigger than other riders your age. Cycling is a sport where being big and strong can be an advantage.

Rule #29

Be prepared to race against faster people and to ride bigger races. It’s tempting to take the safe option but that won’t help you develop as a rider.

Rule #30

Your race performance isn’t defined by your result. Focus on doing the best performance you can and not worrying about the outcome.

Rule #31

Count your race as a success if: you executed your race plan properly; if you tried your hardest; if you tried something new; if you attacked; if you didn’t get dropped; if you lasted longer in the bunch than last time; or if you crashed but got back on.

Rule #32

Learn from your mistakes – that helps you to improve in the future. Great riders learn far more from their “bad” races than their good ones.

Rule #33

Don’t do every possible race. Sometimes it’s better to go training instead, or go out with friends, or maybe just sleep..? Anyway, your parents need a break from racing too!

Rule #34

If you’ve been unwell, haven’t had enough rest, or if you’ve had a tough week at school or college then you mustn’t expect to be flying at the weekend.

Rule #35

Keep a training diary. Record how well you’ve slept and note down your “feel good factor” each day. Look back at it now and again to begin to understand yourself.

Rule #36

Keep doing other sports as well as cycling. And do as many different disciplines of cycling as you can. Don’t specialise too early.

Rule #37

Don’t focus your ambition entirely on joining British Cycling’s programmes – keep an open mind and don’t be disheartened if you aren’t accepted. There are other opportunities to develop.

Rule #38

Sometimes just go for a ride for the fun of it. Not every ride should be a training session or a race.

National Cycling Centre – Treading the boards.

National Cycling Centre – Treading the boards.

A group of VC Melyd riders headed off for a fine evening’s riding at Manchester Velodrome this week.

Making up spaces on a booking for the NWP Cycling Section our deputation headed off for a two hour slot of terror and elation culminating in hot lap arcing in from the top of the banking into a 250m Time Trial.

The purring dry chains, the squeaking tyres, the movement of the board, and dry dry atmosphere almost lost amongst the grinning.

The club is interested in putting on its own block booking – would you be interested in heading over to the National Cycling Centre to try your hand at velodrome / track riding?


Monday & Thursday Evening Marsh Tracks Sessions

Monday & Thursday Evening Marsh Tracks Sessions

Much better weather this week saw a return to weather we all want to be out in – do not forget the evening sessions are on with our BC qualified VC Melyd coaches at Marsh Tracks:

Great turn out at last nights Junior Coaching Session at Marsh Tracks – 16 kids and several new faces – nice to get some good weather too – see you all next week.— Mark Allen

The following sessions are held at the road track on a Monday & Thursday evenings:

THURSDAY Youth Cycle Coaching (Under 12’s) – 6 to 7pm

MONDAY Women’s Cycle Coaching – 7 to 8pm

If you would like to know more – either contact our coaches, head over to the Facebook Group, or contact Marsh Tracks directly. Get involved.


Coaching session fund raiser for Alzheimer’s Research

Coaching session fund raiser for Alzheimer’s Research

We are organising a charity Cycling Coaching Session at Marsh Tracks, Rhyl – Come and be inspired!

The date for the diary is Saturday 25th April 2015, 10.30am to 12.30pm

Chris Graham served in the British Army for 23 years before being diagnosed with early-onset dementia and now he hopes to raise £10,000 for charity by riding 16,000 around USA and Canada to raise money for Alzheimer’s Research.

To support his undertaking, we are hosting a coaching session at Marsh Tracks, a purpose built, traffic free track; a great venue to learn, relearn or improve cycling skills.

Come along and be coached by British Cycling qualified coaches.

We are offering two sessions, which will be finished off with tea, coffee and cakes:

1. Beginners (can balance on a bike!), or haven’t cycled for many years, and would like to again;

2. Improvers already cycle, but would like to brush up on skills or improve fitness.

We have 10 bikes (suitable for people up to 5’ 5”), for hire at £3, or bring along your own bike (road, hybrid or mountain) – session cost – £7 – all proceeds going to Alzheimer’s Research.

If you would like further information on the session – either pick up the flier from the Facebook Group – or drop Julie an email to find out more or book. Spread the word.

VCM wins Coach of the Year

At this years award ceremony we are very proud to announce that Julie Allan of VC Melyd came away with Coach of the Year – for her work with the ladies coaching at Marsh Tracks.

Modest as ever she was quick to highlight the team of coaches who help deliver the Ladies Coaching (Monday Nights), intermediate training – and the newly introduced Winter Fitness Sessions (7pm Marsh Tracks – 90 mins – £4). We are fortunate to have BC qualified coaches of all levels in the club.

I would like to join in with Welsh Cycling in saying – Thank You, and Well Done – Julie.