50% off GSG Club Kit

50% off GSG Club Kit

For those of you who are looking for Velo Club Melyd club kit – but not sure on the fit or the price of the current supplier – why not have a look over the stock list for the last provider we used. Items are available for sizing, so there is no risk – you can try them on. Same destinctive kit and logo – different provider. Simple.

Stock items reduced by 50% – Please message me if you wish to reserve.” — Mandy Rowlands (Kit secretary)

Long sleeve body suit Extra small £40.00
Large £40.00
Bib shorts Large £20.00
Gilet Extra Large £20.00
Large £20.00
Long sleeve Jersey Thermofleece Extra Large £25.00
Large £25.00
Medium £25.00
Long sleeve Winterproof Jacket Small £35.00

Either reach mandy through the VCM Facebook group – or kit@vcmelyd.bike



Time to order your Cycling Kit

Time to order your Cycling Kit

For those unfamiliar with the process – club kit is mostly printed to order. As such – we gather a list of items we require – then submit that for manufacture. Some time later – the goods arrive – others look on in awe while you look resplendent in your new 2016 VC Melyd Cycling Kit. Happy Days.

This year we are going with Champion Systems. A change from previous years. The samples have been good, and we how the marvel that is online ordering. So gather around one and all – follow the instructions below, as posted on the VCM FB group – and make the magic happen (sizing information attached below – although this will be the same as any other Champion Systems items).

VC Melyd – Kit Order Window Now Open!

Please follow this link to the Champion System order page –


Instructions are –

Once on the page, follow the link on the right hand side – ‘Access to Team Store’
Enter username: vcmelyd
Enter password: vcmelydkit
Once you’ve entered those log-in details, you will then need to create your own sub log-in details so that you can order individually

All of our VC Melyd branded items are displayed in the ‘Shop’.

For any descriptions of the items, I’d suggest looking at the main Champion Systems Web Site – http://champ-sys.co.uk

I’ve also loaded the size guide to this post to help.

Any questions, please drop Mandy or myself a PM or Darran from Champion Systems will also be available to help out.

Our order window will close on: 25th January at 2pm with deliveries expected around the 6th March.

It will be impossible to add to this specific order after this date.

Happy shopping.” — Mark Allen

The current Sizing Chart should be referenced before ordering garments to avoid disappointment on arrival.

VC Melyd Cycling Kit 2014/15

The VC Melyd club kit – extensively laboratory tested to make you look faster, smell sweeter, and easier to pick out in a line up.

Sporting the distinctive VC Melyd Marmite-esque logo in particularly fetching shades of white, black yellow and red – this years must have – it really is as simple as deciding on a size.


Short Sleeve Jersey: £40 – Full length zip, light weight fabric, colar with zip garage, three pocket rear, and perforated side panels for better ventilation.

Long Sleeve Mountain Bike: £40

Long Sleeve Jersey Winter: £49 – Brushed polyester (roubaix) waffle fabric, full length middle weight zip with garage, three large pockets and reflective strip.

Gillet: £49 – sleeveless windproof layer. Full length zip., three pocket rear, windproof lightweight shell fabric, water repellant.

Winter jacket: £75 – Fleece jacket, full length heavy weight zip, three pocket rear and reflective strip. Windpoof membranes in front panels and arms.

Shorts: £49 – Gel insert pad lycra bib shorts, logo side panels and contrasting red leg grippers.

Longs: £59 – Brushed polyester (roubaix) full length longs with stirrup and no pad.

The older order form seen here below. Orders to be sent over to Alan regarding stock / sizing / availabillity.