All Change: Winter Evening Rides

All Change: Winter Evening Rides

As the evenings draw in, and longer, warmer kit and lights are putting in appearances it is time to review the VC Melyd Winter Riding Schedule.

Through the summer we had seen a move to Wednesday evening social rides. These allowed those who wanted to compete in the TT events and also get in a social ride during the week the evening afterwards – and vice versa.

The move is now to two rides during the week:

TUESDAY NIGHT RIDE – 1830hrs Saints Gym, Meliden – social ride.

WEDNESDAY NIGHT RIDE – 1830hrs Waen Gate*, Waen – higher tempo for a loop of the vale.

Do check in with Facebook for specifics on a week by week basis… turnout obviously dependant on YOU and others just like you. Don’t be a fair weather rider!

This brings the week to the following shape:

Monday night – Ladies Track Session (no lights), Marsh Tracks, Rhyl.

Tuesday night Social Ride (lights), 1830hrs, Saints Gym, Meliden.

Wednesday nightHigher Tempo Ride (lights), 1830hrs, Waen Gate.

Thursdsay night – Junior track session, 1800-1900hrs, Marsh Tracks, Rhyl.

Saturday day – Ladies Ride (although mixed turn out) – with cafe stop;

Sunday day – Classic club ride all speeds welcome – with cafe stop;

Be considerate out there people – if you are not running mudguards yet, it may be time to start thinking about it!

“There is new ride planning from October, we will revert back to Tuesday night social ride from Saints @ 18.30. In addition, a Wednesday night ride is planned at a higher tempo (but not a chain gang). The Wednesday ride will meet at Waen Gate @ 18.30 and do a set loop of the Vale with various opt-outs available. A chain gang session is also envisaged at some point. Hopefully, this plan will encompass a wide cross-section of members and maintain the impetus of winter riding. I propose a reccy of vale loop tomorrow evening meeting at Waen Gate .” — Steve Sharp (Club President)

Note: *Waen Gate‘ is the car park next to the roundabout/sliproad that provides exit/access to the Eastboundound.

Wednesday: The new Tuesday

Wednesday: The new Tuesday

Soon enough March will be upon us. The current ride rota for Sunday will run dry, the current smattering of Snowdops and early blossom will have given way to light in the evenings, and Spring… oh, and obviously riding without a-million-layers-lamps-batteries-mudguards and (far less) road filth. “Rejoice!

To mix things up a little this year, and to help support the VCM & RCC 2017 Time Trial Series, should people wish to ride it… the Tuesday night rides are moving to Wednesday’s. Still the same start point. Still the same time. …and the same award winning company.

Wednesday’s, 1830hrs Saints Gym car Park, Meliden, Denbighshire.

Route and pace dictated by those in attendance.

35 mile’s ish (probably).

Wednesday… the new Tuesday.

This, along with the return to 9am start for the Sunday rides is not due to start until March – so be excited, but wait until March. In the interim… Tuesday nights… lights, come join us.

The following announcement was made by our Glorious Leader earlier this week:

At the last committee meeting it was agreed to change the evening ride from a Tuesday to a Wednesday commencing 1st March.The logic being to add support and participation in TT league,also to hopefully expand volunteer numbers when we host race series at Marsh Tracks,(Ride cancelled on Wednesdays we host).I have already had mixed views on this plan which is to be expected,The committee continue to aim to please most people most of the time.” — Steve Sharp (Club Chairman).

*N.B. Stuck on Wednesdays, still want to ride Tuesday’s, want to know if others are out? Sure, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Text, Phone call, Post… organise an unofficial ride. This is not the harbinger of doom or the end of days – it is a trial, and other options do exist : )

29th January – 50mile / 3,528ft

29th January – 50mile / 3,528ft

This weeks ride is bought to us by Sally. The route avoids Rhuddlan, and heads to Tremerchion, and down the West side of the range, then back via Caerwys after  turning at Llandegla to head back. The main climb is around Graig Fechan. The route can be found on Strava here.

A swap in the ride rota means it is my turn to plan the route for this Sunday 29th Jan. Towards Ruthin, Pentrecelyn, Llanarmon yn Lal, Cilcain. Leave Saints at 9.30am. NO Rhuddlan collection.” — Sally Cunliffe (Membership Secretary).

*This route was not ridden – and a flatter faster route to Conwy was chosen, before Sychnant Pass and back. This was due to ice at all heights.

15th January – 54 mile

15th January – 54 mile

This route from Donna is out to the Denbigh Moors and back – taking in 54mile / 4,892ft of climbing.

Icey weather caused us to avoid high routes – and we headed along the coast and back.

This route will be a challenge for a combined group – seeing almost 1000ft of climbing for every 10 miles.

Donna’s 54 mile strava route can be found here.


Brutal Events, Triple IronMan / Ultra Triathlon, Llanberis 2015

Brutal Events, Triple IronMan / Ultra Triathlon, Llanberis 2015

What an adventure!

Last week I was wishing I had joined the lads on the Pyrenees trip instead of the triple.
But then I would have missed the most incredible and humbling support of my best friends and family.

The swim was a doddle; even though I hurt my duff shoulder. The bike was no big deal; so I thought. Until after the luxury of 2 hrs sleep on the first night I realised I was going to struggle with the bike cut off. Greg Powell has regularly trained with me for the past 6 months and was my wingman for a pathetic measly 210 miles. Rob Taylor joined us through the first night; which for all three of us was a magical fair weather cycle. John Mainwaring stepped in to assist 6 am sharp with Rob Taylor failing to catch up with us for a full 29 mile lap after being fed some duff info. The last two laps were by myself in shit weather; which really took its toll.

John M. was there waiting to mother me on the Snowdon ascent; with random rocks taking on the guise of everyday objects which was a bit weird? 2 hrs sleep then on to the dreaded 68 mile run. 1.10 for the first lap in shitty weather; this is going to be fine? Mike and Simon ran with me for the next 4 laps, with Captain ‘B’ancroft making a guest appearance to join Mike and I for a lap; still going well with a run flats and walk up hills. Did the next lap by myself 1.25 ish. Was just setting off for next lap with Mike when Rob T. and family turned up; the relief on Mike’s face was comical. Mike last ran in December due to an injury; he had narrowly escaped running a hilly full marathon with no training. Rob had brought along two running dollies; his wife Lyn and her running mate and Lyn’s son Osian. This was a very entertaining lap; which really lifted my spirits. Next to turn up was Chris & Sian Lord; another good and very entertaining lap. Waiting for the next lap was John M. having needed to take a nap due to old age. John stayed with me through the next 3 laps to the finish; which he did as if it was just another day in the office. To my surprise Rob, Lyn & Osian joined us for another lap; rather than watch celebrity big brother. Rob & Osian on Mtb’s. I struggled with this lap which meant the final two laps were 2 x 2hr walks. Rob & Lyn joined John and me for the final lap; walking poles required for balance and a slight problem with my legs; blisters constantly annoying me and a very sore shoulder for the last 60 hours.
Capt. ‘B’ancroft made the trip to the 6 am finish along with my mum. I am so overwhelmed by the support and interest from everyone. I didn’t ask anyone for their help or support beforehand; they just turned up or offered as they felt fit.

I haven’t mentioned my younger brother Mark, what a star! Supplied and put up the tent on the Friday night, returned 5.30 am before the swim start at 7 am. Returning for the last two days and nights to make it all possible; I only asked to borrow his tent!!

My friends and family are the stars; I just had to swim, cycle, run & walk: I am so lucky and extremely grateful!

Paul Ward.

Longer – Hillier / Sunday 29th July

Longer – Hillier / Sunday 29th July

Thank you to Si for plotting a 62 mile / 5.853ft climbed route on Strava for this weekend.

Check out this route, VC TDF mini route with some bumps” — Si Jones

Setting out from Meliden towards Grontant (NOT RHUDDLAN), Llanasa then skirting along and up the hillside to Pentre Halkyn, then downhill into Mold.

Gwernymnydd, past loggerheads Tafarrn-y-Gelyn before the ascent to the top of the Clwyd Gate, and then down to Llanbedr DC and into Ruthin.

Ruthin out to Llanrheadr detour to Denbigh. Climbing out via Henllan – then the back route through Llannefydd, crossing the Glascoed / Roman Road before dropping into St George, and back via Bodelwyddan.

While the weather is not meant to be too choice for this weekend – this keeps options open, and takes in a bunch of climbing in the process.


Intermediate / Sunday 26th July

Intermediate / Sunday 26th July

Susan has very kindly put together a 33 mile / 2300ft ride for the weekend of the end of the Tour De France. The route is available on Strava.

The route starts at Prestatyn, then Rhuddlan to Bodelwyddan. Up Engine Hill, to the end – and across to Betws -yn-Rhos. Up to Dolwyn and taking the turn to Old Colwyn. Rhos on Sea for Coffee and Cake, before heading back via Llandulas, Abergele, St George before Bodelwyddan, Rhuddlan and home.

More than enough time to see the finish of the tour. Hoorah!

End of Tour Intermediate ride — as comfy as the tour riders, without the sprint at the end.Out to Rhos on Sea then review if we want to continue around the Orme, depending on weather (not great at the minute but hope will change) and also if folk (me) needs to get home before out for our get together” — Susan Seller