Soon enough March will be upon us. The current ride rota for Sunday will run dry, the current smattering of Snowdops and early blossom will have given way to light in the evenings, and Spring… oh, and obviously riding without a-million-layers-lamps-batteries-mudguards and (far less) road filth. “Rejoice!
To mix things up a little this year, and to help support the VCM & RCC 2017 Time Trial Series, should people wish to ride it… the Tuesday night rides are moving to Wednesday’s. Still the same start point. Still the same time. …and the same award winning company.

Wednesday’s, 1830hrs Saints Gym car Park, Meliden, Denbighshire.

Route and pace dictated by those in attendance.

35 mile’s ish (probably).

Wednesday… the new Tuesday.

This, along with the return to 9am start for the Sunday rides is not due to start until March – so be excited, but wait until March. In the interim… Tuesday nights… lights, come join us.

The following announcement was made by our Glorious Leader earlier this week:

At the last committee meeting it was agreed to change the evening ride from a Tuesday to a Wednesday commencing 1st March.The logic being to add support and participation in TT league,also to hopefully expand volunteer numbers when we host race series at Marsh Tracks,(Ride cancelled on Wednesdays we host).I have already had mixed views on this plan which is to be expected,The committee continue to aim to please most people most of the time.” — Steve Sharp (Club Chairman).

*N.B. Stuck on Wednesdays, still want to ride Tuesday’s, want to know if others are out? Sure, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Text, Phone call, Post… organise an unofficial ride. This is not the harbinger of doom or the end of days – it is a trial, and other options do exist : )