Sunday Ride 12th November 2017

Sunday Ride 12th November 2017

Thank you to Alan for this one – he has made it available on Strava here. The route takes in 50.9 miles and 4,083ft of climbing. Heading up to Cilcain before crossing back over the Clywidian range to drop down the Clwyd Gate and into Ruthin for a cafe stop. The return route heads back via the 5mile TT route back to Denbigh, and then for those who require more up through Denbigh to Henllan or back via the bypass and both routes rejoining at Trefnant.

“Suggested ride for Sunday 12/11 depending on weather we could extend over Moel-y-crio. Leaving Saints at 9 am.” — Alan Overson, Founder.

The weather is due to be at best – poor – but *likely* to be dry. Five to six degrees – but with the North Wind reduces this to a “feels like freezing” – so dress cozy : )

Sunday Ride 29th November

Sunday Ride 29th November

This weeks Sunday club ride route supplied by Sally – taking in 58 Miles and 4,075ft of climbing. This route heads EAST into England, and does not collect from Rhuddlan Nature Reserve. It can be found on Strava here.

While the route was announced as being suitable for all it is quite climb heavy at the offset and return – those happy with a faster pace may wish to head back along the A548. Wales Rally GB is taking place in an arc to the left of us, so this route should work around that.

Taking into account Mark’s advice about Wales Rally GB and Paul’s suggestion about the Wirral Way, I have plotted a suggested route for Sunday.
Heading east from Meliden, NOT picking up at Rhuddlan, skirting the foothills to join the Wirral Way at Deeside to take refreshments at Nets Cafe near Burton (good cakes).
Less than 60 gently rolling miles, suitable for us all.
Clocks go back so an extra hour in bed (Donna 🙂 ). Forecast looking promising, 11 degrees and 9mph winds.
— Sally (Membership secretary)

Autumn Winter 2017 – Tuesday Night Rides

Autumn Winter 2017 – Tuesday Night Rides

Following our recent post regarding the change to the evening ride schedule to introduce both Wednesday AND now Tuesday again for Autumn / Winter 2017. Here follows is a little more information about what a typical ride involves. It can be a little offputting to let yourself in for something that you are not entirely sure what it is going to involve – so here are two examples to fill you in.

TUESDAY NIGHT / EVENING are intended as a social ride, an excuse to get out together as a group, ride, talk, generally enjoy ourselves.

The last two weeks have seen average speeds of 14mph, routes between 22 and 29 miles, and 1,200ft and 1600ft of climbing. Routes will obviously depend on weather conditions but a traditional uphill and downhill format seems to be the current go-to. Rides are around two hours on average.

What do you need? Lights for one thing. If you do not have lamps capable of ‘drying the tarmac in front of you’ or ‘setting fire to the rider in front’ – DO NOT FRET, riding around in a collective pool of light is surprisingly good – and not just because you cannot see the climb ahead. A priority, however (beyond being road legal, dressed for the weather etc.), is a good, visible rear lamp (with a spare if you have one) as being seen more of a concern than seeing where you are going half the time when riding in a mixed group in formation.

Rides start from the car park of Saints Gym, Meliden at 1830hrs – and routes vary.

Any questions do not hesitate to get in touch over on the Facebook page. The more, the merrier* – quite literally.

*Stop for refreshments in St. Asaph optional on way back.


Mudguards : Playing nice with others.

Mudguards : Playing nice with others.

Mudguards – they can be a bit of a pain. Thankfully this year there have been no real need to fall out with anyone over a mouthful of the old Belgian Toothpaste in a Hell of the North style. More luck than judgment really.

So with this in mind – and for those still riding without protection – don’t risk losing friends – here are some fine words of experience that I thought were worth sharing for those who do not have frame mounts, clearance, or willing to go down to the P clip route.

“That’s one quick way to trash a bikes’ components. To be fair the roads we cycle this time of year get really dirty there will be lots of salt too soon. Not good. The best combination I’ve found for a road bike without eyelets are race blade long with a rear (front section of rear only) from a crud MK2. The race blades otherwise throw all the road grime onto the drive train and front mech. Expensive buying two sets but cheaper than chains, cassettes and cranksets I found this through trial and error having bought the cruds first and then giving up on them. I then bought the race blades and suffered the grime being poured onto my crank and front mech. It’s worse than having no mudguards as it funnels it nicely so I made the crud part fit onto the race blade bracket and all was good. Just have to zip tie the race blades onto their brackets too as they fall off. Two heavy winter riding seasons so far out of that set up. Yes I’ve had to renew components but not as often as I would have had to with the grinding paste.”

— Darren.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Set up properly there will be no rubbing, no rattling ideally;
  • Your bike will need cleaning less;
  • Parts will last longer – yeah – I know – why would you not;
  • Your feet will stay drier and therefore warmer;
  • Your backside will stay cleaner and more importantly drier, this makes your world nicer;
  • The people behind you are not cursing under their breath;
  • The impact on the bike is not the same as adding parachutes, an anchor and panniers;
  • The effect in side winds is not going to be noticeable as deep section rims.

Generally speaking – the world will be a nicer place for you – your bike – and those behind you.