Wednesday: The new Tuesday

Wednesday: The new Tuesday

Soon enough March will be upon us. The current ride rota for Sunday will run dry, the current smattering of Snowdops and early blossom will have given way to light in the evenings, and Spring… oh, and obviously riding without a-million-layers-lamps-batteries-mudguards and (far less) road filth. “Rejoice!

To mix things up a little this year, and to help support the VCM & RCC 2017 Time Trial Series, should people wish to ride it… the Tuesday night rides are moving to Wednesday’s. Still the same start point. Still the same time. …and the same award winning company.

Wednesday’s, 1830hrs Saints Gym car Park, Meliden, Denbighshire.

Route and pace dictated by those in attendance.

35 mile’s ish (probably).

Wednesday… the new Tuesday.

This, along with the return to 9am start for the Sunday rides is not due to start until March – so be excited, but wait until March. In the interim… Tuesday nights… lights, come join us.

The following announcement was made by our Glorious Leader earlier this week:

At the last committee meeting it was agreed to change the evening ride from a Tuesday to a Wednesday commencing 1st March.The logic being to add support and participation in TT league,also to hopefully expand volunteer numbers when we host race series at Marsh Tracks,(Ride cancelled on Wednesdays we host).I have already had mixed views on this plan which is to be expected,The committee continue to aim to please most people most of the time.” — Steve Sharp (Club Chairman).

*N.B. Stuck on Wednesdays, still want to ride Tuesday’s, want to know if others are out? Sure, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Text, Phone call, Post… organise an unofficial ride. This is not the harbinger of doom or the end of days – it is a trial, and other options do exist : )

Sunday Ride Rota Q1 2017

Sunday Ride Rota Q1 2017

The VC Meldy Sunday Social ride rota is in place for the the beginning of the year, Q1, Winter, call-it-what-you-will. There is to be one ride for all – so routes are to be achievable by both the intermediate and the faster group. Pace dictated by the group – and route changes obviously possible if the weather dictates. Initial meeting at Saints Gymnasium, Meliden – and possible collections at Rhuddlan 15 minutes later *IF* the route goes that way. The ride starts at 0930 is around 50 miles. If you are thinking of joining in – get in touch.

Week 1 / 8th January / Sally

Week 2 / 15th January / Donna

Week 3 / 22nd January / Vic

Week 4 / 29th January / Graeme

Week 5 / 5 th February / Darren

Week 6 / 12th February / Mark

Week 7 / 19th February / Sally

Week 8 / 26th February / Donna

Week 9 / 5th March / Vic

Week 10 / 12th March / Graeme

Conveniently also available in the original format – a print-out-and-magnet-to-the-fridge-version here 2017 Winter VCM ride rota .

Festive? Cheers!

Festive? Cheers!

The season of goodwill, vacation, family, and cycling escape is upon us!

Here are a few rides you may be interested in checking your availability for – now long standing traditions:

Last Tuesday of the Year

Tuesday 20th December1830hrs Saints, Meliden. A low key, and well attended event – even for those who do not usually manage to make the Tuesday night rides – curiously 😉 Starting off at the usual time of 1830hrs, and heading out for a short hour and a half’s ride before stopping at the Plough or Swan in St. Asaph. Come join us for the ride, or the social afterwards.

Mince Pie Bimble

Saturday, Christmas Eve, 24th December1000hrs Rhuddlan Nature Reserve. This is a charity event that will cost you £5 which will go to St. Kentigern Hospice. Traditionally this will involve a ride of two groups – bimble and those surprised at how fast a bimble can be! Both groups head around in a loop and back to Trefnant for tea, coffee, mulled wine and mince pies. Nom nom nom.

Turkey Ride

Wednesday 28th December1300hrs at Saints, Meliden, or 1330hrs at Waen Gate. The ride will head down the Waen, and return to the New Inn Dyserth for around 1600hrs. After warming back up, home to get changed and regroup at Chili Pink, Rhyl at 2000hrs for more festivities. Members are welcome to come and join in for any part or all of the day.

Brass Monkey

Sunday 1st January 2017The Brass Monkey Time Trial – is a prestigious low key event for the highly coveted trophy. More realistically – its a jolly around the 9 mile circuit not taking yourself too seriously in fancy dress after a week of excess. Come join in… slowest times of the year… membership required however hangover optional. See the VC Melyd & Rhyl CC Time trial  FB page for answers to further questions.




“The Lon Las Loonies would like to invite you to our annual charity Santa ride on the 27th December in aid of Luke Davies.  The ride is a gentle 15 miles leaving from Archies Bar in Prestatyn at 11am.  All monies raised will go directly to Luke.  The price is £10 per rider.  Can you please let me know if any of your riders would like to join in.  We all dress in Santa suits”

— Anne (Secretary, Lon Las Loonies)

Words from our new Chairman

Words from our new Chairman

After initial suspicions that club rides would require cottered cranks, and acceptable cycle computers, were to be the type with the numbered dials that go on your fork leg down by the hub… our Glorious Leader has stepped forward to address these wild and outlandish claims and set out a route map for the year ahead under his expert supervision.

These very words were hand cherished by His Excellence earlier today:

I felt it appropriate to post my thoughts following becoming Chairman of VC Melyd, I have been an active member of the club for over ten years after a protracted history of riding bikes. Since joining the club I have met and continue to meet some very good folk who dedicate plenty of their own time to promote our sport and club in a positive fashion. The diversity within the club has greatly increased over the last few years and the governance has improved in tandem with this. Our membership numbers are healthy and we are able to facilitate ongoing coaching sessions and to host race series earlier in the year. I hope we can continue to develop as a club and being an active member will become the norm. Within my tenure I hope to galvanise the club with the support of a good team, the committee works hard to address and support the club and in my view if we can please most members most of the time that’s a good job. I hope to be a member of a club that essentially ride bikes and has fun but who also pull together when necessary to support events. As many of you know IT is not my bag and typing is an arduous task for me. To summarise I feel honoured and privileged to be Chairman of VC Melyd, I hope to cultivate a sense of positivity, honesty and closer links with other clubs locally. Here’s  to the year ahead, best wishes to you and yours.

–Steve Sharp, El Presidente

In other exciting cabinet reshuffles the following changes have been made to the committee:

Welfare – With Our Glorious Leader stepping down and mounting his throne – Sarah Overson will be increasing her roll as welfare officer;

Social – Sally Cunliffe is stepping down after a fabulous year at the head of the VC Melyd social machine, to be replaced by Alex Clewett, ‘in-a-club-style’;

Membership –  Now keeping her finger on the pulse of who has and not paid as well as keeping our collective paperwork pristine – Sally Cunliffe.

Go Ride – Pete Lessiter is stepping up as our representative for the little people.

I think it is fair to say that we are all very grateful for their continued service… and here is to a 2017 of happiness and productivity for the collective.

Annual Dinner and Awards Ceremony 2016

Annual Dinner and Awards Ceremony 2016

It is almost that time of year again. After yet another successful year for both individuals and the club it is time to get together and hand out the shiny and the not so shiny – eat – drink – and be merry. Something we also excel at 🙂

Sally, our social secretary has posted this to the FB group. Should you require any further information do not hesitate to get in touch directly.

Annual VCM Awards Dinner on Friday 25th November 2016 at the Faenol Fawr, Bodelwyddan.

Order of the evening:
6pm – kids session
– 7pm – drinks at the bar
– 7.45pm – dinner
– 9 pm – charity raffle
– 9.30pm – prize presentation
– 10pm – disco

£25 per person payable to the club (please PM me for details).

Please choose starters and main courses from the attached menu.

— Sally Cunliffe


Tour of Britain comes to Denbigh

Tour of Britain comes to Denbigh

Wednesday morning saw traffic re routed, roads closed, barriers and stages put up, and Denbigh become a Mecca to local cyclists. Today – the Tour of Britain came to town – and all the spectacle that comes with that.

With a 1030am start the top of the High Street Denbigh became the hub of all the excitement, as riders, pulling a variety of faces as they rode up the hill from their caravans and coaches up to the stage to sign on.

With Layla and her Dad down to visit team Sky and be mascot for the day, Justin and Anthony in the VIP enclosure – we had a great view of the amassed locals in kit, Rhos, Lon Las Loonies, Melyd, Rhyl amidst the heaving crowds.

The spectacle of signing on, and posing for team photos in order of team took place, with all the usual suspects, hero’s, and some pretty amazing moustaches it would seem – before assembling for a sedate roll off at the start.

A group of the club members then went on to collect at A&D’s Sam’s Cafe before heading off for a ride for the remains of the day… the type with lots of café and pub stops. What a perfect day – and such great weather for it.




The VC Melyd tradition of the post-Sunday-ride-last-day-of-the-Tour-de-France-social-event raised clear of £600 for charity this year.

The donation and sweepstake contributions raising £600 for charity this year.

The donations were split between Saint Kentigern Hospice and Dreams Come True.

A good time was had by all – many thanks to everyone involved in making that happen – with a special thanks to Richard.




#Oh! What fun it is to ride…

So here we are – whatever your belief – it is the time of seasonal cheer, holiday, and no doubt a spot of excess in the company of friends and family.

For those wondering if there are any other brave souls heading out over the period – well, yes, yes there will be.

Tuesday 23rd December
The Last Tuesday Night Ride Of The Year (well almost) – The usual ride out from Saints, followed by a stop at The Plough in Saint Asaph for seasonal cheer at the end of the ride;

Sunday 28th December
The Last Sunday Ride Of The Year – Donna being on point for route planning – a normal collective womble around the countryside;

Monday 29th December
The Turkey Ride – It lives on in a slightly revised format. A socially paced ride with a stop at The New Inn, Dyserth for a spot of lubrication. There will then be a regrouping in Prestatyn for a few drinks and the traditional Curry later in the evening.

Thursday 1st January
The Brass Monkey – Nothing says HAPPY NEW YEAR like a Time Trial after a fortnight of excess. See you there!

For specifics, times, people to speak to can all be found over at the Facebook Group – or grab a club member and ask : )

The very best of seasons cheer to you one and all.

….and now a little seasonal music:



VC Melyd 2014 Awards Dinner

The much anticipated event of the year has come and gone. I think it is widely considered a great success.

With over 80 of the finest guests, great food, no lack of drink, and merriment by the bucket load – after the initial round of “wow, please excuse me, I didn’t recognize you dressed normally” – the gathered settled down to a fine dinner provided by the kitchens at the Faenol Fawr – followed by the distribution of the much coveted trophies and awards.

The line up of shining stars was as follows:

Mark Allen – Clubman;

Peter Lessiter – Mechanic;

Peter Lessiter – Club Motto;

Anthony Hogbin – Media;

Sheila Addison – Strava Widow;

Flossy Morris – Half Wheeler;

Gary Sheridan – Road Stuntman;

Janet Burthem – Offroad Stuntwoman;

Laura Ellis – Most Improved;

Race, and more serious awards for achievement Lucy Lee, Gerallt Allen, and Dewi Tudor.

Welsh Cycling awards for the club for the most new BC members as the fastest growing, and for Julie Allen for Coach of the Year.

Many thanks to Steve, and Jonathan for the venue and organisation, and to Jules and the band that put on a superb performance – the bar staff who appeared to have coped fantastically given the ‘athletes’ that had such demanding hydration needs. Finally and by no means last, to Paul Rutt, Justin Lewis and Alan Overson for their finely honed master of ceremonies skills.

The raffle raised almost £600 for St Kentingern – so a big collective pat on the back there.

With the party going on into the small hours, some even took it home with them, many started to drift around the 2am point. … and many of them were out riding for 10am the next day. Kudos.

I think if there was something for me personally to take away from the evening – it how many times I had heard it mentioned, and how it felt – the overwhelming feeling of community, family, and enjoying ourselves. What a great year it has been.

Still on the social calendar before the end of the year, we have the Turkey Ride, and the Brass Monkey. You know it makes sense.